Continuous Casting Mould Expert System

Core technologies and theoretical methods with independent intellectual property rights

Metallurgical processes, signal measurement, numerical simulation, parallel computing, artificial intelligence, visualization, etc.

Multidisciplinary cross-industry, integrating multi-source information such as heat transfer, solidification and mechanical behaviour, developing a series of new process detection technologies, and establishing an integrated intelligent monitoring system for continuous casting processes.

Functional Modules of Continuous Casting Mould Expert System

continuous casting mould

1) Expert system hardware configuration and on-site installation

2) Continuous Casting Mould Expert System establishment and operation debugging

  • OPC server and PLC communication module development
  • continuous casting mold copper plate temperature detection
  • Copperplate average heat flux detection
  • Vibration state online detection
  • Transient friction force online detection
  • Continuous casting mould visualization and “thermal imaging”
  • Process data storage and operation interface optimization

3) Continuous casting mould leakage online prediction

4) Expert system offline analysis software

Expert system on-site operation

continuous casting mouldcontinuous casting mould

Online Parallel service assessment with other foreign systems, leakage prediction accuracy:

  • True bonding reporting rate 100%, no missed reports
  • The number of false reports is about 1/3 of that of foreign systems

Benefit estimation

Taking a domestic steel plant 1 machine 2 stream slab casting machine as an example, the benefits are divided into two parts:

1. The benefits of reducing false alarms and scrap billets are 1.62 million yuan/year

The original foreign expert system of the casting machine had 291 false alarms throughout the year, and this system had 58 false alarms throughout the year, reducing false alarms by 233 times

The average length of scrap billets caused by false alarms is 4.5 meters, and the weight is 11.6 tons

Reducing scrap by 2,700 tons throughout the year, with a loss of 600 yuan per ton

600 yuan × 2,700 tons / 10,000 = 1.62 million yuan

2. Avoiding the loss of steel leakage, 8 million yuan/year

Avoid at least 20 times of steel leakage each year

The loss caused by each steel leakage is 400,000 yuan

400,000 yuan × 20 times = 8 million yuan

Metallurgical Intelligence
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