Combined Measuring Instrument For Width And Thickness

Combined measuring instrument for width and thickness

The equipment simultaneously measures the width and thickness of flat steel or steel plate in real-time

Basic principle


measures the width and thickness


The equipment is equipped with 2 two-dimensional laser measurement sensors and 2 laser displacement sensors. The two-dimensional sensors are set on both sides, and the distance between the sensors can be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate. The distance adjustment is realized by the servo motor driving the slide module. After the adjustment is completed, high-precision measurement can be achieved without calibration. The displacement sensor is fixedly arranged on the upper and lower sides of the plate to measure the thickness of the middle point of the plate.

The two-dimensional laser measurement sensors set on both sides use the Z-axis data of the sensor to measure the width of the sheet, and use the X-axis data of the sensor to measure the edge thickness of the sheet, and can also measure the C value of the edge of the irregular sheet. Provide data basis for the optimal shearing of the plate.


Brief description of functions

Real-time, continuous, non-contact measurement;

It can provide real-time information on the width, swing, jump, temperature and other information of the steel strip;

The side width and thickness measurement of the finished product of the rolling mill;

Measurement curve display function;

Data and history curve and list functions;

System self-inspection, abnormal alarm and prompt function of troubleshooting measures;

Automatic calibration function;

Remote monitoring function;

Equipped with first-level PLC and second-level database interface.


Application range

Instant measurement of cold-rolled, hot-rolled flat steel and other plate parts.


Technical Parameters

Thickness measurement range (MM): 6-150

Width measurement range (MM): 300-850

Thickness measurement static measurement accuracy (MM): ±0.10

Static measurement accuracy of side width (MM): ±0.2

Thickness dynamic measurement accuracy (MM): ±0.2

Side width dynamic measurement accuracy (MM): ±0.4

Temperature (°C): -10~1000


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