Steel Bar Chain Bed Control System

Installation location of the system

It is planned to start from the cold shear station to the rear collection area,use the AI intelligent visual control system developed by our company to replace traditional manual operation, realize automatic process control, and improve the automation control level of equipment.

  • use power

Single-phase AC220V ±3% 50Hz, must be grounded.


bar production ling


Performance of the steel bar chain bed control system

1. The whole process is unmanned, and the running speed and time can be monitored and displayed to ensure the stability of the production process.

2. It can automatically monitor whether the bundles of bars are conveyed in place, forward and reverse conveyance of all chains, fixed-point conveying, and realize automatic discharge-ensuring quality and reliability; improving production efficiency, reducing enterprise costs, and enhancing enterprise competitiveness;

3. It has high production efficiency, can work uninterruptedly, has strong adaptability to the environment, and can work in harsh environments such as dust;

4. Automatically receive user production data without manual intervention;

5. Real-time monitoring of the system operation status to realize automatically bundled bars so the forward and reverse collisions are aligned;

6. Data record and shift record query;

7. Realize automatic crane hoisting positioning and alarms for abnormal conditions such as bulk material, personnel intrusion, chain slanting, breakage, and loose bundles;

8. Provide a position basis for subsequent sign robot printing; reduce chain wear, maintain the original state of steel bars, and protect equipment.

9. Control the rhythm, ensure personnel safety and system safety, and save personnel costs.


chain bed control




Intelligent vision AI is the key to solving the technical problem of smart factory environment perception and autonomous control, and realizes the qualitative change of machine vision from “inspection” to “control”. Machine vision detection and control technology is an intelligent measurement and control technology that uses deep learning algorithms as the core control algorithm and uses machine vision and robotic hands to replace human eyes, human brains, and human hands for detection, measurement, analysis, judgment, and decision-making control. It is a human imitation’s own visual perception ability is an important means to realize automatic measurement and control, and it can meet multiple requirements of smart factory environment perception and autonomous control at the same time.


The system adopts machine vision composed of professional vision sensors, vision controllers and vision software, which can replace traditional on-site detection components. Its advantages are low cost, less wiring, and greatly reduced component types, all of which are non-contact, low damage probability, high efficiency and reliability. Machine vision intelligent detection and control can greatly improve the automation level and safety level of the unit, reduce the workload of operators and maintenance personnel, realize automatic control of the collection area, optimize the setting of finishing processes, and improve the working environment of employees. The social benefits are significant, which is equivalent to setting up a never-resting “operator” in a place where there is a video collection point to stare at the operation of the equipment in the area under his jurisdiction and make corresponding operations. Machine vision technology has greatly improved the intelligence of the unit, and the production line is closer to a large robot system.

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