Bundle Bars Rechecking System

steel bar production

Equipment overview

Based on the accurate counting of the LW1000 system, the use of the LW3000 system of “secondary verification and counting using static bar side image recognition technology” will make the final stacking accuracy rate rise again by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude for steel bar production.

Design Conditions

2.1 Main process requirements:

  • The end face of the bundled bars has good flatness, and there is no indentation or concave phenomenon;
  • No elbows, pointed heads, black heads, occlusion, unclear criticality, rounded rods, sunlight interference, and mutual occlusion;
  • Properly modify the installation location and install light shields to avoid interference;

2.2 Installation process

The installation space requirements are as follows: based on the end face of the bundled bars, the conveyor chain is 1000mm in the forward direction and 2000mm in the vertical direction.

steel bar production, Bar counting function, bundle bar rechecking

Equipment function and technical parameters

3.1 Main technical functions

  1. Applicable to rebar Φ10-Φ40mm; it is mainly used for the secondary verification of the online counting system, and is calculated according to the number of bundles. The accuracy rate of the bundled bars in the original system is greater than or equal to 95%. After the system is upgraded, the accuracy rate of bundled bars If it is greater than or equal to 99%, the system counting process is checked by manual participation in the measurement. After the counting error is manually corrected, the counting accuracy rate reaches 100%;
  2. The system automatically generates daily report and monthly report data for each shift. Each report includes: shift, time, bundle number, rated count of each bundle, actual count and other data;
  3. It has the function of transmitting data with the original weighing system and judging according to the weight; the image data storage size is six months of data, and the cycle coverage method is adopted. The system can query historical data according to logistics information (such as bundle number, etc.);
  4. With remote maintenance and diagnosis functions, if the system is abnormal, the seller can remotely diagnose and maintain;
  5. After the system upgrade, the automatic exposure performance has been added. The exposure and specifications are stored in the database together. When the specifications are changed, the exposure will be automatically changed. The bar identification accuracy is improved.

3.2 Main technical parameters

Because the counting process of this system is manually involved in the measurement review, and the counting error is corrected manually, the counting accuracy rate reaches 100%.

Carry out data transmission with the original weighing system for judgment.

An automatic counting system is added at the weighing place to check the bundles of steel bars after the steel is divided.

System Composition

After the device is collected, the appropriate position is checked by a machine vision system. The system includes digital image processing technology, optical technology, analog and digital video technology, and computer software technology. The end of the bar is imaged by a professional camera, and the center-enhanced video recognition is adopted, and the count of the bundle of steel is obtained through computer algorithm optimization. The system judges with reference to the weight and the number of steel branches, gives an alarm to the wrong branch, and reminds manual processing to reduce the error rate.

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