Bore Measurement Instrument

Bore measurement instrument

The equipment uses industrial cameras and telecentric parallel light sources to measure the inner holes of small parts.

Basic principle

Measuring round hole / measuring square hole

Measuring round hole


Brief description of functions

  • One-button measurement, convenient and reliable
  • Configurable tolerance range
  • Automatic sound and light alarm when the measured value is out of tolerance
  • Optional single-piece measurement, continuous measurement
  • Sequential numbering is possible during continuous measurement

The equipment can measure the characteristic dimensions of various hole types such as round holes, square holes, and hexagonal holes. It is suitable for small processed parts such as wire drawing dies and cable molds that require accurate measurement of inner holes.

Technical Parameters
Measuring range (MM): 0~4
Measurement accuracy (MM): ±0.005
Effective pixels: 5.1 million
Maximum resolution: 4526*2058
Frame rate: 14FPS
Frame memory: 32M bytes
Operating temperature (°C): 0~60
Storage temperature (°C): -30~60


Online Bore measuring

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