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Automatic inspection robot

With machine vision as the core, DBM can provide intelligent equipment R&D, manufacturing, and transformation services such as unmanned factories in the metallurgical industry and other industries, machine vision, and robot application design.

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  • performance:

The automatic inspection robot replaces manual monitoring, which can measure infrared temperature, smoke alarm, flame alarm, temperature and humidity detection, automatic reading instrument and generate inspection report, reduce and prevent risk, improve inspection quality, reduce Personnel labor costs and improve production efficiency.

The inspection robot can realize continuous monitoring of the environment and equipment and fire emergency treatment. The robot adopts orbital movement, equipped with high-definition cameras and infrared thermal imagers, to realize real-time monitoring and temperature measurement and diagnosis; integrates sensors such as harmful gases, smoke, light intensity, temperature and humidity, positioning devices and voice intercom systems to control environmental information in real time and pass The monitoring background realizes the control, data access, statistical analysis and multi-dimensional display of the inspection robot.


  • Technical specifications

The automatic inspection robot (track type) is composed of five parts: the track system, the power supply system, the monitoring system, the intelligent robot and the software system. Environmental monitoring, report output, abnormal early warning and joint handling to solve the current situation that the main electrical room equipment still relies on manual inspections, temperature measurement, analysis and diagnosis, reduce personnel safety risks, and improve inspection efficiency.

The automatic inspection robot reserves a 5G communication interface to facilitate the later expansion of 5G applications, such as AR remote fault judgment and processing;

According to the total length of the main electrical room is about 30 meters, the actual cabinet length is about 30 meters, the height of the main electrical room is 3.6 meters to the beam, and 108 transmission cabinets need to be inspected.


  • Automatic inspection robot inspection content:

AC incoming line voltage value on the panel of the Transmission cabinet

Closing and opening signal indication

Output current value

Output frequency value

Local/remote rotation signal

Start signal

Current value of frequency conversion roller Transmission cabinet

Local/remote status

Fault indicator

Transmission cabinet output reactor

Inverter power unit

The rectifier unit forms thermal imaging and temperature measurement

Operation judgment of inverter and rectifier fan

Main electric room temperature and humidity detection

The automatic inspection robot detects that it exceeds the standard value and provides a text alarm and a continuous voice alarm to the main console, which will be reset after the personnel confirm it.

Under different lighting environments, the accuracy of image recognition is ≥95%.

It has a remote intercom function, which can realize real-time intercom between back-end personnel and on-site personnel through intelligent robots or auxiliary equipment, and supports two-way call functions.

Intelligent inspection, with independent intelligent inspection platform or platform module, you can configure manual and automatic inspection plans by yourself, support the storage of multiple inspection plans, and switch between manual and automatic inspection methods freely. After the inspection, you can Self-generated inspection reports, periodic graphic reports can be generated for the content of each inspection point, abnormal alarm information is pushed in real time, all reports are automatically saved, and report export is supported. The platform reserves an API interface to facilitate data docking later. The platform reserves multiple robot authorization points to facilitate the docking of new orbital robots in the future.

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