Automatic Coding Robot For Square Billet, Round Billet, Slab And Coil

The label (laser, ink, aluminium wire) marking robot workstation is a variety of label marking solutions suitable for different operating scenarios, such as slabs, billets, hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils and other identity information so that the processed products can be identified during transferring between processes and quality problems can be effectively traced. It also can be added with a character recognition tracking system. From the perspective of economy and consumables, we give priority to recommending a laser (white primer) label-marking robot.


Automatic Coding Robot

♦ Marking effect: white primer + laser marked black characters

♦ Marking position: End face and/or side of casting billet

♦ Casting billet temperature: 200~900℃

♦ Marked character content: numbers, uppercase and lowercase English letters, Chinese characters, QR  codes, special symbols and LOGO signs

♦ Marking period: 1~9 s

♦ High-temperature laser marking machine: power above 100W, focal depth ±3mm

♦ White primer: high temperature resistant water-based paint, temperature resistant 900℃


Create different design schemes according to different coding needs. The robot is light and flexible, with six degrees of freedom coordinated movement, fast execution speed, high positioning accuracy, and repeat positioning accuracy of 0.05mm. Full servo control, high-temperature resistance. The installation is flexible and diverse and can adapt to different working environments.

In the different application scenarios of square, round, slab, and coil spraying in steelworks, the robot cooperates with the vision system and adopts the eye-in-hand machine vision solution to locate the product position according to different environmental requirements.


Automatic Coding Robot Automatic Coding Robotsteel coil manufacturing


1) Square billet, round billet, slab, and coil.

2) Material: aluminium wire/ high-temperature paint/ ordinary paint/laser (highly recommended).

3) Installation location: the end of the roller table, the side, the side of the cooling bed, the end of the pusher, etc.

4) It can realize normal-temperature spraying, high-temperature spraying, and laser spraying.

5) Spray number content: numbers, letters, or symbols, the number of digits can be freely defined.

6) Automatic identification of billet flow number and branch number.

7) Spraying mode is optional: continuous spraying, intermittent spraying, or special spraying.


Automatic Coding Robot


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