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Automatic casting slag removal system

Traditional slag removal relies on manual observation and control of related equipment operations and relies on manual experience to judge and control the slag removal path and depth. This can easily lead to long production times, serious iron loss, excessive or under-removal of slag, and no standard for iron residue in the ladle. To help the industry solve the above problems, our company independently developed an automatic slag removal system.

The automatic slag removal system is a comprehensive system based on intelligent slag removal machines, intelligent analysis, deep self-learning, neural networks and intelligent control, and can realize remote slag removal and remote operation and maintenance. Through the slag surface evaluation function of the automatic slag removal system, the system controls the slag removal machine to move according to the set path to realize automatic slag removal. It is an essential product for intelligent process production and management in the steel industry.

Standardize the operation process and stabilize the process cycle;
The production process can be traced to facilitate process upgrading;
Automatic slag removal frees the operator's hands.

This system mainly includes automatic slag removal, exception handling, and intelligent diagnosis.

1. Automatic casting slag removal part

This part contains seven subsystems, which completely constitute the automatic slag removal system.

Metallurgical Intelligence
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