Billet marking machine

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The automatic laser marking machine produces traces by melting metal at high temperatures and high speeds with the laser to form the required characters. Customers can also choose to use high-temperature paint, aluminium wire, or laser coding.

Comparison of three types of billet marking machines currently on the market


Working principle and characteristics

Consumable media, spare parts, printing speed analysis

Paint and aluminum wire marking machine

High-pressure pump, paint spraying, servo motion writing, can only write A-Z, 0-9

The molten aluminum wire is sprayed onto the surface of the billet

Consumables: paint/Kg/120-200, more than 2,000 yuan per barrel, annual paint cost is estimated to be about 800,000 (the annual consumables of metal aluminum wire are about 500,000)


a. The nozzles are easy to clog. Frequent cleaning of the nozzles and pipelines in the later period requires more than two workers.

b. The paint tube is easy to dry out.

c. The paint filter is prone to sedimentation and damage

d. The diaphragm pump is clogged.

e. The identification of the billet count is inaccurate.

f. Hygiene issues around the printer.

g. The surface of the cast slab is uneven, the writing is broken, and it is easy to fall off.

Printing effect: white writing on hot billet, Cold billet cannot be printed with writing

Consumable parts: nozzle, nozzle, paint pipeline, paint filter, cooling water filter, pneumatic filter, diaphragm pump, nozzle solenoid valve, wire feed nozzle, electrode, welding machine, etc.

Laser marking machine

The laser billet marking machine adopts laser melting, servo movement, laser beam printing, A-Z, 0-9, factory logo pattern, Chinese characters, etc.

No consumables, the printing speed is 13 characters per billet, the time is less than 4 seconds, the billet residence time is short

Printing effect: gray and white writing on hot billets, black writing on cold billets

Consumable parts: lens

Features of our Laser billet marking machine


The system is equipped with an HMI human-machine interface server, which is mainly responsible for communication with the upper computer and automatic engraving;

Responsible for the selection of engraving fonts and fonts and the adjustment of on-site process parameters. The engraving equipment can correctly receive the engraving content transmitted by MES, and the end information will be fed back to the computer in time and the relevant operators will be notified by alarm;

  1. The machine adopts high-energy laser printing way, no post-processing consumables;
  2. The machine has an independent cooling circulation system;
  3. The circulating cooling temperature can be set;
  4. The servo system is purchased from imported components, and the normal service life is at least 1 year;
  5. The laser part using life is more than 15 months under normal conditions;
  6. The labeling speed is fast, the handwriting is regular and easy to identify, and the number will never fall off (it will not fall off if scratched);
  7. The main program is convenient for data exchange with the on-site PLC;
  8. The main control cabinet is a touchscreen operation display, which is intuitive and convenient for maintenance and debugging;
billet marking machine, laser marking machine, slab marking

Technical characteristics of laser marking machine

1) Design high-temperature resistant cooling for high operating rate and harsh environment on site;

2) The font, word spacing, and font size are variable;

3) Multiple detection and protection measures fully avoid equipment damage caused by equipment failure, human operation, etc.

4), reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency;

5) Simple and intuitive software operation interface, online input or switching of spray number (engraved number) fonts,

6) Quick and intuitive understanding of equipment working status;

1) Equipment Composition 

(1) Base
(2) Traversing the trolley and the box (horizontal and longitudinal strokes depend on the position of the billet)
(3) Laser engraving mechanism
(4) PLC electric control part
(5) Cooling equipment
(6) Slab position detection part
(7) Auxiliary detection and control software, etc.

2) Composition of hoisting spraying (marking) machine

(1) Cantilever beam (terminal base), a mechanical arm
(2) Traversing the trolley and box body (the longitudinal stroke of the car body depends on the error of the stop position of the billet)
(3) Laser engraving mechanism
(4) PLC electric control part
(5) Cooling equipment
(6) Slab position detection part
(7) Auxiliary detection and control software, etc.
(8) Scale removal mechanism

3) Working principle 

(1) The slab reaches the stop position and stops
(2) After the engraving machine receives the billet in place and the engraving data, it automatically puts in the engraving
(3) Signal to interlock between the conveying roller table and the engraving machine
(4) Descaling method: Mechanical or high-pressure water can be used to remove phosphorus
(5) Metal wire spray number, paint spray number: servo action realization, consumable wire, high-temperature paint
(6) Laser engraving does not require writing action, lens assembly

4) Spray number (engraved number) effect

billet spraying robot, slab marking machine, laser marking machineBar marking robot. billet marking machine

5) Working method of the hot billet marking machine

(1) Automatic mode – automatically provides data through PLC or a higher-level control system;

(2) Semi-automatic mode – input by the operator through the computer, automatically or manually start the engraving

(3) The machine engraves the billet;

(4) Manual mode — used for on-site emergency or online debugging;

(5) Data transmission Ethernet and optical fibre

6) Cooling protection  

A high-temperature heat-resistant insulation board is installed in front of the billet car to block the radiant heat of the billet. An axial flow fan is installed inside for air cooling. If necessary, a coolant refrigerator can be added to force cooling and air supply. This can ensure that the whole set of equipment operates reliably in a good temperature environment; built-in temperature monitoring, when the temperature reaches the alarm point, start the backup cooling system (reduce energy consumption)

7) Dust/shock protection

In order to prevent the influence of Chinese and vibration during the working process of the body, the positioning and working process are more accurate and reliable. There is a professional separate cooling system and gas convection equipment for the equipment;

The use of guide rails, sliders, and servo codes enables the equipment to be positioned accurately during operation and walks smoothly, preventing positioning deviation caused by vibrations, and eliminating the blurring of the boundaries of the engraved fonts caused by vibrations during the engraving process; Improve running speed.

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