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We offer many types of measurement instruments for the steel manufacturing industry. If you have requirements for intelligent measurement of diameter, length, thickness, etc for your steel products, we will always find a solution for you.


This model of equipment is mainly used for online size detection of hot-rolled anchor steel and rebar production lines.



Advantaged Of Our Diameter Measuring Instrument

1 Performance advantages of the caliper

1) The measurement is accurate, and the dynamic error of measuring round steel is not more than 0.01mm. The dynamic error of the rebar is not more than 0.06mm.

2) The unique jitter error elimination technology eliminates the measurement error caused by the jitter of the rolling material.

3) Fully digital high-frequency measurement system, the measurement frequency is as high as 2000Hz, that is, 2000 rolled sections are measured per second

4) It can detect the common defects of round steel, such as: “ear”, “wrong roll”, etc.

5) Measurement data alarm function.

6) Historical data queries can be provided.

2 High precision, calibration-free

3 Provide an external database

4 Powerful defect detection capability

5 Excellent protection performance

6 independent steel guides

7 high-brightness LED light source

8 High-frequency measurement

 9 Industrial computer calculation, stable performance

10 Techniques for Eliminating Jitter Errors

11 The LED display is large and full of functions

12 Easy maintenance

Product Details

1. Product introduction:


The diameter measuring instrument has 3 built-in industrial cameras, which can take images from different angles by using the self-illumination of anchor rods and rebars during hot rolling and using the backlight to take clear images during cold rolling. It can measure the inner diameter, outer diameter, rib height, pitch, and other characteristic dimensions of the rolled material.


2. Measuring principle

Measuring principle


3 Equipment composition


equipment composition


4. Function description:

Function description

Measurement characteristic values:

Anchor steel inner diameter d0, anchor steel outer diameter d1; anchor steel diagonal dimensions d2, d3;

Pitch p, relative offset dimension of transverse ribs on both sides p/2


Product parameter setting:

Parameters such as product specifications, and positive and negative tolerances can be set;

System parameter setting:

You can set the faulted channel, communication port, thermal expansion coefficient, etc.;

Data storage:

For data records, the storage time is more than 1 year; for historical data queries, the size at a certain moment can be queried, and the time is accurate to the second.

Alarm settings:

The form and threshold of over-tolerance and over-temperature alarms can be set;

Correction function:

Automatic/manual, calibrate after inputting the thermal expansion coefficient.

Over-tolerance alarm:

Related data color warning and buzzer sound alarm in the main control room; on-site LED display data color and status display alarm.

Over-temperature alarm:

Measure the temperature sensor in the car, when the temperature in the car exceeds the temperature range of the camera, the alarm light in the main control room will light up and alarm; the on-site LED display status will display the alarm.


5. Application scope


The equipment is mainly used for online size detection of hot-rolled anchor steel and rebar production lines.


6. Technical parameters:

Model Measuring range


rolling diameter


Measurement accuracy




Measurement frequency




Weight (KG)
JX03-DG35 0-35 6-25 ±0.06 0.02 50 1500×800×1250 200
JX03-DG50 0-50 6-40 ±0.06 0.02 25 1500×800×1250 240

round bar diameter



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