AI Automatic Chain Bed In Rolling Mill

Automatic Cooling Bed Automatic Cooling Bed


The intelligent chain bed control system of the post-rolling platform realizes the qualitative change of machine vision from “inspection” to “control”. The deep learning algorithm is used as the core control algorithm, and the machine vision machine system composed of professional vision sensors, vision controllers, and vision software is used instead. Human eyes, the human brain, and human hands are used for detection, measurement, analysis, judgment, and decision-making control.

The production line realizes automatic and flexible control, realizes automatic control of conveying roller table, lifting baffle, roller table, and baler, and finally realizes fully automatic and intelligent operation with fewer people.



1. The Automatic Chain Bed operates without human intervention, monitoring speed and time to ensure stable production processes.
2. It automatically detects if bundled bars are in place and manages forward and reverse chain movements, ensuring precise delivery. This automation guarantees quality, reliability, enhances production efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts competitiveness.
3. High production efficiency allows continuous operation, with strong adaptability to harsh environments like dusty conditions.
4. It automatically receives user production data, eliminating the need for manual input.
5. The system continuously monitors operational status, ensuring the automatic alignment of bundled bars.
6. It provides data recording and shift record queries.
7. The system automatically handles crane positioning, detects and alarms for anomalies such as loose materials, unauthorized personnel entry, chain misalignment, breakage, and scattered bundles.
8. It supports subsequent label printing by robots, reduces chain wear, maintains the original state of the steel bars, and protects equipment.
9. The system controls the workflow pace, ensuring safety for personnel and the system, thus saving labor costs.

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