Process Before Ironmaking

Process before ironmaking

Intelligent solutions for Raw Material Plant

railcar dumpers, hook lifting

Railcar dumper hook lifting robot system

Unmanned operation system equipment for dumper (including hook lifting robot, positive hook robot and rehook robot)

Belt online monitoring system

Vision-based online belt monitoring system

Extracts structured light imaging contours and recognizes tape tears in real-time, and cracks or serious damage to tape surface. 

Intelligent robot sampling

Intelligent Robot Sampling And Preparation System

Sampling of cars and trains. Intelligent control and judgment, national standard sampling, automatic sample preparation, unattended.

particle analysis system

Vision-based real-time particles analysis system

The particle size and proportion of the object are analyzed and counted, and volume and flow detection are based on 3D line laser scanning.

unmanned crane control

Bulk material unmanned crane control system

Automatic slag grabbing (bulk material), precise positioning, anti-swing, automatic avoidance, automatic weighing, remote control, automatic feeding.

Intelligent solution for Coking plant

inspection robot, industrial coke oven

Coking oven robot inspection workstation

Inspection valve closure, abnormal gas, abnormal sound, equipment surface temperature inspection, instrument data reading, etc., in the basement corridor of a coke oven.

Intelligent solutions for Sintering Plant

sintering, robot, ore, metallurgy

Intelligent oiling robot workstation for trolley wheels of sintering machine

With the help of computer graphics processing technology, based on analysis of operating conditions of the sintering trolley and its wheel axle oiling characteristics to identify and position the trolley wheels, this kind of six (three)-axis robot is designed to cooperate with visual positioning and visual judging system to complete wheel oiling and damage assessment.

More Applications

  • Identification of sintering machine grate bar falling off
  • Dry coke quenching hook identification control system
  • Sintering machine tail and blast furnace online temperature measurement system
  • Torpedo tanker electrode plug automatic insertion and extraction robot
  • Electrical room and substation inspection robot
  • Train frame number identification
  • Iron (steel) water tank number AI recognition system
  • AI intelligent visual analysis and early warning technology
crane control system
industrial automation and robotics

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