Precisely control the yield rate of steel rolling mill tail steel

Recently, the electrical team in the bar line operation area of the rolling mill of Shougang Changzhi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. optimized the length of the tail steel of high-speed bars, effectively avoiding steel stacking accidents, reducing the length of steel, improving the yield rate, and generating benefits of more than 2 million yuan.

The high-speed bar production line of the rolling mill mainly uses high-speed disc flying shears to cut the bars to multiple lengths. The failure rate of the flying shears and the optimization of the tail steel directly affect the product yield. The high-speed bar upper cooling bed device is a 108-meter rotating hub blanking system. During the rolling process, due to the large fluctuations in the length of the billet, short tails of about 0-43m often appear after normal shearing, resulting in abnormal tail steel. The introduction of the rotating hub into the cooling bed, or the continuous shearing of double-length flying shears will cause steel pile-up, which will affect the improvement of the yield index.


Precisely control, steel rolling mill, tail steel


To this end, the electrical team in the bar line operation area of the steel rolling mill decided to optimize the length of the tail steel. First, a study was conducted on the tail steel length control method in the current domestic high-speed bar production line. It was found that this control method is a passive control method and can only solve the situation where the actual length of the last multiplier is greater than the set multiplier length. A very short tail steel can be avoided, but when other double lengths are too short or the length of the tail steel is too long, it will also lead to steel stacking accidents, and more full-lengths will appear, affecting the yield index.

The members of this group further learned from each other’s strengths and proposed improvement ideas based on actual production conditions. They decided to add a hot metal detector between No. 4 and No. 5 rough rolling mills and between No. 8 and No. 9 intermediate rolling mills, and automatically select according to different rolling specifications. The hot metal detector tracks the tail steel from the time when it is selected to leave the thermal inspection to the heat inspection signal after leaving the finishing mill and calculates the total length of the rolled finished products of each specification to achieve more accurate control of the length of the tail steel.

At the same time, they also added parameters such as the minimum tail steel length setting and optimized length value in the tail steel optimization program by compiling PLC programs and making pictures, so as to always keep the tail steel length above the minimum tail steel length setting value. It can not only prevent the tail steel length from being less than 30m and staying in the duct in front of the rotating hub but also prevent the tail steel length from being around 42-43 meters and piling up of steel during shearing, effectively reducing the generation of through-foot.


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