Online Discussion Meeting on Manipulation Technology of Rebar Counting System

On March 31, 2022, LMM GROUP and Malaysian customers conducted two-way exchanges and discussions based on the technical issues of steel splitting counters. LMM GROUP technical engineers have provided technical answers to the steel bar counting system, which has been highly praised by Malaysian customers.

  • How does the system work automatically?

Our machine is automatic and will be installed in the middle of the third chain. The workflow is as follows:

1) The machine starts counting when the rebar is transferred to the third chain and passes through our machine counting area.

2) When the calculated number of bars is close to the target number, the system will send a chain deceleration signal to your PLC, and your PLC will control the third chain deceleration speed.

3) When the calculated number of reinforcing bars reaches the target number, the system will send a stop signal to your PLC, and your PLC will control the third chain to stop.

4) Counted rebar and uncounted rebar will stop at the rebar area, then a rebar line will appear, our machine will split the counted rebar and uncounted rebar.

5) After the steel splitting process, the next cycle will start.

  • What is the production capacity limit of the equipment?

LMM Answer: The annual production capacity for rolling 12mm rebar in a Chinese steel mill exceeds 1 million tons. Our machines are still running fine.

  • Does each segment chain need to apply different speeds for different bar sizes? (or both apply the same speed?

LMM Answer: When rolling bars of different diameters, the chain speed is the same, but our technicians will adjust the chain speed of each segment to make the machine match the production perfectly and achieve the best use effect.

That said, the speed of each chain is adjustable, especially for the third and second chain.

(Our machine is mounted on the third chain, this is your workshop site situation)

  • Do chain drive motors require a braking system?

LMM Answer: Yes, our machine will send a “chain stop signal” to your PLC and your PLC will control your chain to stop quickly and steadily.

  • If something goes wrong with the automatic counting system, is it possible to revert to the existing manual counting?

LMM Answer: Yes, if there are any issues, shut down the machine, then your existing manual counts can be supported. If you have any questions about using the system, please contact us. We will give guidance.

  • What are the future development to improve the system accuracy?

LMM Answer: Our machines are always upgraded based on user feedback and steel mill developments.

Hardware: light sources, cameras, etc. are constantly being upgraded.

Software side: Our engineers are always optimizing the algorithm. Our software is free to upgrade for our users.

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