New Steel’s Ironmaking Division presses the “accelerator button” for digital and intelligent transformation

In recent years, the Ironmaking Division of Xingang Group has accelerated digital and intelligent transformation, promoted high-quality development, and helped enterprises explore digital dividends. According to statistics, so far, the number of control rooms in the Ironmaking Division has been reduced by 46, and the control room concentration index, on-site automation operation rate and remote operation and maintenance index have climbed to 79.31%, 51.5% and 28% respectively.


1. Reintegration of centralized control centre


The two 2,500-cubic-meter blast furnaces No. 9 and No. 10 of the New Steel Ironmaking Division are built next to each other, but they belong to different operating areas. The main control rooms of the two blast furnaces have always been independent of each other. In order to achieve integrated management of the main control room, the Ironmaking Division integrated the two operating areas and the main control room and used hyper-converged virtualization technology for the first time to build a 2,500 cubic meter blast furnace centralized control center. The network high-definition video displays the production data of the two blast furnaces in real-time as well as the blast furnace production and equipment operation video monitoring images, enabling real-time monitoring of on-site equipment conditions and monitoring of production and maintenance operations.

“After the establishment of the digital intelligent centralized control centre, it has brought ultimate efficiency to the production organization and process flow.” said the 2,500 cubic meter blast furnace operation manager. The digital integration of the main control room has also led to the optimization of human resources. The blast furnace foreman, material loading, hot slag and other positions in the original No. 9 and No. 10 blast furnace main control rooms have been merged, and piping workers at the production site will also be arranged. The injection positions in the coal injection workshop, the furnace dust removal and slag belt positions in the slag iron workshop are also integrated into the centralized control centre. The high concentration of positions and the integration and improvement of the operation interface make the cooperation between upper and lower processes more efficient and collaborative. A total of 16 employees were reduced in the entire operation area, saving nearly 2 million yuan in labour costs annually.

Today, the 2,500 cubic meter blast furnace centralized control centre has become one of the highlights of Xingang Group’s digital transformation and industrial tourism.


2. Machines can replace people with high-efficiency

“In the past, there were human factors that caused the mixing of materials in the silo, causing fluctuations in the quality of blast furnace production. Now with the use of intelligent siloing, this problem no longer exists.” Liao Chunping, the leader of the first silo shift in the feeding operation area, is very confident about this. This team is responsible for the transportation of various raw materials required for blast furnace production.

Since the Ironmaking Division installed an intelligent management system on the blast furnace tank, through machine vision technology, various raw materials can be automatically identified by computers and sent to different silos according to categories. The weight of the incoming silos can be accurately calculated and intelligent information can be calculated based on the silo capacity. Feeding. The system can also realize voice prompts and real-time feedback on the on-site conditions of the silo to the control centre through intelligent voice broadcast and centralized monitoring system.

This blast furnace silo intelligent management system is the first intelligent positioning system for unloading trolleys, a full material detection system, a material type identification system, a material head and tail detection system, a silo material balance system, an intelligent voice broadcast system, and a belt system. It is a blast furnace intelligent silo management system that integrates 8 subsystems including a key start and stop system and centralized monitoring system.

What impressed class leader Liao Chunping the most was: “The original 55 people in a class have been reduced to the current 28 people. Not only has the team members been greatly reduced, but work efficiency has also been effectively improved.”

Not only that, “machines replace people, and digital intelligence subtracts people” has greatly improved the working environment and labour intensity of employees, freeing employees from simple and repetitive operating positions, and meeting the needs for automation, intensification, and unmanned control.

3. Equip steel production with an “intelligent brain”

The environmentally friendly and intelligent comprehensive stockyard of the Ironmaking Division is the industry’s first digitally intelligent twin stockyard. Its material storage scale reaches 1.2 million tons, and its annual raw material processing capacity is more than 25 million tons, which can meet the raw material supply needs of New Steel’s annual output of 10 million tons of molten iron.

Through the integration of digital twin technology, three-dimensional scanning and simulation, virtualization technology, process proprietary models, big data and other technologies, the comprehensive material yard aims at visualization, intelligence, networking and integration concepts to realize the comprehensive management of the material yard. Digitalization and virtualization of elements, real-time and visualization of production management, and collaborative and intelligent equipment operation and maintenance have greatly improved production efficiency, optimized the production process, optimized raw material inventory and storage and transportation costs, and reduced capital occupation. At the same time, the digital twin platform can also simulate different production scenarios, predict production efficiency and quality, and provide detailed analysis and decision support for the business department.

Monitor Liu Wei listed a set of data: “The comprehensive material yard has nearly 500 high-definition surveillance cameras, which can provide panoramic monitoring of every angle and every piece of equipment in the 640,000-square-meter raw material factory. Through the digital twin platform, production organization personnel can intuitively Master real-time information such as variety, pile shape, and reserves of each raw material yard, accurately control production, and achieve unmanned remote operation.”

After the Xingang comprehensive material yard is put into operation, the intelligence rate will be increased from less than 20% to 100%, saving 130 people, labour productivity will be increased by more than 200%, and the company’s ecological and economic benefits will be greatly improved.

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