Metallurgical quality inspection method based on machine vision

With the development of modernization, people have higher and higher requirements for product quality. Especially in the metallurgical industry, the quality of steel products is related to the development of modern industry. Traditional steel quality testing methods have many shortcomings. For example, the testing process requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and the testing results are not accurate enough. Therefore, metallurgical quality inspection methods based on machine vision have become a research hotspot, which will be discussed in this article.


machine vision in metallurgy


1. Application of machine vision in metallurgical quality inspection


Machine vision technology refers to the use of digital image processing technology, computer graphics, learning algorithms and other technical means to achieve automated recognition of object form, object surface texture, object colour and information contained in specially processed objects. , analysis and processing. In metallurgical quality inspection, machine vision can be used in many aspects such as morphology inspection, defect detection, and grain size calculation.


2. Morphology detection in metallurgical quality testing


The morphology of metallurgical products is one of the important parameters of their mechanical and chemical properties, which is directly related to the quality of metallurgical products. Traditional topography detection methods mostly rely on human eyes for observation, and personnel make judgments and analyses. This method has problems such as strong subjectivity and easy misjudgment. Through machine vision technology, the classification and identification of the three-dimensional morphology of steel products and the evaluation and prediction of the quality status can be achieved. At the same time, machine vision can also conduct detailed analysis of the surface morphology of metallurgical products through three-dimensional imaging technology.


3. Defect detection in metallurgical quality inspection


There are many types of defects in steel products, such as surface scratches, pits, watermarks, etc. These defects can seriously affect the quality of metallurgical products. Traditional inspection methods often require observers to have rich experience and skills to judge different defect types. In response to this situation, the use of machine vision technology for defect detection has become a research hotspot. Through technical means such as image analysis and digital signal processing, machine vision can automate defect detection, realize monitoring data visualization, alarm mechanisms and other functions, and achieve accurate detection and statistics of defects.


4. Grain size calculation in metallurgical quality testing


Grain size is an important physical parameter in metallurgical processes such as recrystallization, solid solution phase transformation, and heat treatment. It is of great significance to the mechanical properties and analytical behaviour of metallurgical products. The traditional grain size measurement method requires manual operation of the measuring instrument and image processing at the same time, which is complex, inaccurate and time-consuming. Using machine vision technology, the image can be processed through image processing technology to calculate the size of the grains and obtain accurate grain size data.


5. Prospects of machine vision in metallurgical quality inspection


At present, with the development of science and technology, metallurgical quality inspection methods based on machine vision are constantly being upgraded and improved. In the future, machine vision technology will also enable the development of more fields through the application of a variety of visual sensing technologies. At the same time, while using deep learning, artificial intelligence and other technologies to further improve and improve metallurgical quality inspection technology, it can also promote continuous innovation and progress in metallurgical science and technology.

Metallurgical quality inspection methods based on machine vision are an important product of the development of modern technology. Through the application of machine vision technology, automated detection and early warning can be realized, improving detection efficiency and accuracy, and at the same time, improving the level of traditional quality detection methods. Machine vision technology will play an increasingly important role in the development of many fields such as metallurgical quality inspection, achieving the continuous integration of technology and production.

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