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AI Equipment For Metallurgical Process

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Intelligent oiling robot workstation for trolley wheels of sintering machine

With the help of computer graphics processing technology, based on analysis of operating conditions of sintering trolley and its wheel axle oiling characteristics to identify and position the trolley wheels, this kind of six (three)-axis robot is designed to cooperate with visual positioning and visual judging system to complete wheel oiling and damage assessment.

Vision-based real-time analysis system for particles

Based on computer graphics processing technology, combined with big data collection and cloud computing, the particle size and proportion of the object are analyzed and counted, and volume and flow detection are based on 3D line laser scanning.

  • Automatically calculate material particle size based on image algorithm
  • Expandable microscopy imaging with resolution up to 0.03mm
  • Non-contact measurement of material volume and flow rate of bulk materials on conveyor belt based on light time of flight
  • Not affected by bulk material properties
particle analysis system
Belt online monitoring system

Vision-based online belt monitoring system

Conveyor belt artificial intelligence (AI) tear and damage online monitoring system is equipped with a linear array industrial camera, a dust removal device, a high-brightness LED lighting device, and a speed sensor. Based on machine vision deep learning technology, it extracts structured light imaging contours and recognizes tape tears in real time in consecutive frames, and cracks or serious damage to the tape surface. Up to millimeter-level abnormality inspection makes it possible to detect minor abnormalities. It has automatic alarm and automatic shutdown functions, and can monitor 3M/S belts with a width of 1.2 to 1.4 meters in real time.

Vision-based smart device management

Use infrared thermal imaging technology to detect defects in refractory materials such as converters, ladles, and hot blast furnaces. Apply infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect the surface temperature of ladles around the clock, infer the thickness of the ladle wall, and present the temperature of the ladle and the vault lining of the hot blast furnace in real-time. The damaged location is scientifically monitored for defects in refractory materials such as converters, ladles, and hot blast furnaces, and the defect locations are accurately located to facilitate timely maintenance and ensure safe production.

Through online detection of the measured object, possible safety/production hazards can be detected and alarmed.

smart device, machine vision
Temperature measurement Robot

Molten Steel Temperature Measurement And Sampling Robot

EAF, LF, Tundish Temperature measuring & sampling

Automatically complete probe loading, automatic insertion of molten steel temperature measurement and sampling, automatic precise measurement, automatic unloading of the probe, “accurate action and measurement”

Automatic Casting Powder Adding System/ Robot

In order to achieve the stability of the slab quality of the continuous caster, it is necessary to add casting powder into the mold. This system/robot can replace manual adding and be uniform feeding, stable operation, safe and reliable.

mould powder in continuous casting, artificial intelligence technology in continuous casting
inspection robot

Coking oven Pipe gallery/belt inspection robot

The environmental monitoring sensor carried by pipe gallery intelligent inspection robot can monitor the environment in the pipe gallery; it carries visible light and infrared thermal imaging cameras to intelligently identify the equipment status, temperature, humidity, gas leakage, water accumulation, fire, and equipment meter readings in the pipe gallery, so as to fully understand the safe operation status of pipe gallery and equipment inside remotely.

Bulk material unmanned crane control system

The bulk material unmanned crane system applies PLC as the control core and combines core anti-sway algorithm independently developed by DBM. It adopts 3D laser sensors, frequency converters and detection components to communicate with cranes through 5G wireless communication equipment to realize fully automatic control of bulk material unmanned crane system, which is completed by autonomous driving logic without human participation. Remote centralized and unified control can be achieved for multiple cranes and multiple slag pools. Its application scenarios include unmanned cranes in garbage pools, slag pools, sewage slag pools, and cyclone slag pools.

Unmanned Crane
  • Identification of sintering machine grate bar falling off
  • Dry coke quenching hook identification control system
  • Sintering machine tail and blast furnace online temperature measurement system
  • Torpedo tanker electrode plug automatic insertion and extraction robot
  • Electrical room and substation inspection robot
  • Train frame number identification
  • Iron (steel) water tank number AI recognition system
  • AI intelligent visual analysis and early warning technology
crane control system
industrial automation and robotics

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