Measurements Of Steel – Smart Dimensional Measurement In Steel Rolling

What are the measurements of steel?


Laser Doppler Velocimeter in Steel mil, measurement of steel


Dimensional measurement of steel including length, width, height, outer diameter, radius, inner diameter, and wall thickness

1. Length

The length measuring instrument is used for online detection of steel length and size, which is based on machine vision and uses industrial cameras for online detection.

2. Width

Generally, a photoelectric width gauge is used for detection. This detection method has high precision, a wide range, and high-cost performance.

3. Height

The photoelectric caliper can take into account the height detection of some steel products.

4. Outer diameter

For outer diameter detection, we have to mention the intelligent diameter measuring instrument, which is now widely used in the production line for outer diameter size detection equipment, which can perform all-around detection, and can also detect the inner diameter, transverse rib, longitudinal rib and other dimensions of rebar.

5. Radius

After the outer diameter can be detected by the online intelligent caliper, the radius size can be calculated by the caliper. If calculation is required, please explain in advance.

6. Inner diameter

The inner diameter detection adopts the principle of laser detection, but this method is only suitable for the inner diameter detection of the pipe end size of large-diameter pipes, and it is an offline detection.

7. Wall thickness

The same laser detection principle is also only applicable to the pipe end size and wall thickness detection of large-diameter pipes, and it is an offline detection. In addition, knowing the size of the inner core, you can measure the size of the inner core and the outer diameter, and divide the size by two, which is also a method of detecting the wall thickness. This method is often used to detect the thickness of the insulation layer of cables and cables.

Through the detected data, the length calculation of various delivery information can be carried out, which is also a guarantee of quality and can provide more convincing historical records.


Smart dimensional measurement in rolling mill production


Measurement In Steel Rolling


The intelligent transformation of steel mills is inseparable from the online detection of intelligent instruments. Lag manual measurement is not competent for the intelligent rolling of steel mills. This article takes a look at those intelligent size-measuring instruments used in the production of rolling mills.

Smart measuring instruments have a variety of quality testing applications in the steel industry, and measuring instruments can also be customized according to testing needs. It is important to quickly and timely measure steel dimensions in batches, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

Applications in diameter measurement

The diameter measurement is generally the data that needs to be detected for round steel products. Various types of round rolled materials such as high wires, round steel, round bars, and steel pipes need to be measured for outer diameter. Axis probe, according to the size of the outer diameter, select a single probe or double probes (adjustable spacing or fixed spacing) to realize the detection of outer diameter and ellipticity, among which eight axes and the number of probe groups on it can complete a full range of detection.

Application in rebar measurement

The rebar is a ribbed steel bar, so its detection is more complicated. For this reason, a rebar diameter gauge has been developed, which uses the principle of machine vision to detect inner diameter, outer diameter, transverse rib, longitudinal rib, pitch, etc. It can also detect the inner diameter, outer diameter, diagonal size, and thread pitch, and offset the size of the transverse ribs on both sides of the anchor steel. The eight-axis photoelectric calliper is not only suitable for the detection of round steel but also for the detection of rebar.

Application in measuring side length

The detection of angle steel, square steel, angle iron, square tube, and other square rolled materials can be measured by using a side length measuring instrument. The principle of photoelectric detection can detect both equilateral and unequal sides. Depending on the number of probe sets used, it can also measure the diagonals of hexagonal steel, octagonal steel, etc.

Application in straightness measurement

The online straightness measuring instrument still adopts the principle of photoelectric detection and consists of three measuring instruments, which can be used for online straightness detection of various round bars, pipes, etc., and can measure the outer diameter and ellipticity at the same time. Before and after the straightening machine, it is used for the inspection before the straightening machine to determine whether the steel needs to be straightened. It is installed after the straightening machine to detect whether the straightened steel meets the standard.

Application in measuring width and thickness

The reason why they are introduced together is that the width and thickness of plate products are important detection parts. Of course, according to the needs, the width gauge or thickness gauge can be selected separately, or it can be made into a width and thickness gauge. Usually, the width gauge adopts the principle of photoelectric detection, and the thickness gauge adopts the principle of laser measurement. Measuring systems with other principles can also be customized according to specific plate detection requirements.

Applications in length measurement

The length-measuring instrument uses machine vision as the principle to measure the length and can determine the cutting position through detection, so as to obtain the standard length of steel.

Applications in surface defect detection

The profiler can detect surface defects and geometric dimensions such as folding, warping, pits, grooves, lugs, etc. of round, square, rebar, hexagonal, rail beam, T-shaped, H-shaped, and other long products. The detection of geometric dimensions in steel rolling production is essential. Various geometric dimension measuring instruments are customized for steel rolling production. Welcome to leave a message about what type of intelligent measuring instrument you need, whether it is introduced in this article or not.

Applications in long products

The medium and long materials in the major categories of steel refer to wire rods, bars, and profiles; wire rods are commonly used round steels, which are divided into high-speed wire rods and ordinary wire rods, and some deep-processed wire rods, such as quenched and tempered steel, wire-drawn steel, rolling shutters wire steel, etc.

1. Intelligent diameter measuring instrument

It is used for the detection of the outer diameter and ellipticity of long circular products; the detection of inner diameter, transverse rib, and longitudinal rib of rebar; the detection of the side length of angle steel and square steel; the detection of the diagonal size of hexagonal steel and octagonal steel.

2. Length measuring instrument

For the length measurement of hot-rolled steel pipes, the length detection of cold-rolled steel pipes is completed by installing lighting sources. The longer the length, the more industrial cameras are required.

3. Straightness measuring instrument

To detect the straightness size of long products, the straightness measurement is completed through the combination of three caliper gauges, and the diameter size detection can also be taken into account.

4. Profiler

Measure the surface defects of the measured long material. When the measured object is produced, the sensor can scan to obtain the three-dimensional profile of the measured object’s surface. For the measurement of round, square, H-shaped, triangular, grooved, and other complex cross-section rolled products. The contours scanned by the four sensors can be spliced to form the complete contour point cloud data and graphics of the product under test. Through the processing and calculation of point cloud data, the characteristic dimensions of the outer contour of the product can be measured, such as the outer diameter of the circular section, the side length of the square section, the side length and wall thickness of the angle steel, the radius of the fillet, etc.

Through the definition and identification of surface defects, the measurement software can detect various surface defects such as scratches, pits, protrusions, wrong rolls, and folds on the outer contour of the product. Also determine the size, position, quantity, and other parameters of the defects detected in the rolled material within the measured time, and make corresponding marks on the contour graphics.

Application of sheet metal

Plates refer to hot-rolled plate coils, cold-rolled plate coils, medium plates, wide and thick plates, etc. The dimensions that are often detected for boards are width and thickness.

Width gauge

Detect various types of plate widths, and automatically adjust the measurement range according to the plate width, so as to adapt to the detection of all specifications of the plate width of the manufacturer.

Laser thickness gauge

It is used for thickness and dimension detection of thicker and thicker plates, non-contact detection, no radiation, and high precision.

X-ray thickness gauge

It is used for high-precision thickness detection of thin plates, and the X-ray thickness gauge is less harmful to the human body.

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