Intelligent Production of Magnesia Carbon Bricks – Boosting Efficient and Green Manufacturing for Refractory Enterprises

Intelligent manufacturing is becoming crucial for refractory enterprises to maintain market competitiveness. Smart equipment reduces dependence on a large labour force, significantly enhances per capita production efficiency, and stabilizes product quality. It enables seamless interconnectivity among factory equipment, integrating data on devices, personnel, production, orders, and energy consumption. This integration supports management in making informed production decisions, optimizing capacity, and mitigating risks.

Intelligent Production Solution for Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Our intelligent production solution for magnesia carbon bricks offers real-time online quality inspection, 5G data transmission, robotic intelligent stacking and de-stacking, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) automatic operation, automated packaging, and big data analysis. This solution digitizes the entire production process, creating a model digital smart factory that provides high-cost performance and industry-leading intelligent production line services.

Intelligent Production, Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Advantages of the Solution

1. Support for Multi-Specification Production:
– Intelligent mixed-line production for various magnesia carbon bricks.
– 24-hour continuous operation.

2. One-Stop Detection:
– Integrated laser inspection, weighing, coding, and cleaning.
– High precision and speed.

3. Automatic Stacking and de-stacking:
– Supports various refractory brick stacking shapes.
– Continues stacking and de-stacking for residual stacks.

4. AGV Unmanned Transport:
– Stable and easy-to-manage operation.

5. Comprehensive Big Data System:
– Data centre construction covering the entire production process.
– Stable tracking of equipment, materials, pallets, and personnel.


Innovative Points of the Solution

1. Robotic Intelligent Stacking (Press Section):

– Specialized intelligent inspection equipment (integrated cleaning, weighing, inspection, coding).
– Real-time display and downloadable inspection data.
– Automatic sorting of defective products.
– System supports multiple robot selections.

2. Automated Logistics with AGV and RGV:

– Rated load of 3T, meeting various stacking needs.
– Unmanned operation, automatic obstacle avoidance, self-charging.
– Customizable dimensions and functions.
– Supports automatic transfer of materials, semi-finished, and finished products.

3. Robotic Intelligent Destacking System:

– ±2mm high-precision spatial positioning.
– Intelligent recognition of stack shape and pallet.
– Suitable for various materials and brick types.
– High precision and speed.
– System supports multiple robot selections.

4. Intelligent Packaging System:

– Includes automatic base film, top film, corner protection, stretch film, bagging, and PET strapping.
– Customizable based on customer needs.

5. Industrial Big Data System:

– Integrates production, equipment, and personnel data across the entire line.
– Customizable based on customer requirements.
– Supports real-time visualization, data storage, and downloading.
– Interface for integration with existing MES systems, enabling real-time monitoring of production conditions.

Comprehensive Benefit Analysis of the Intelligent Production Solution

1) Labor Cost:

– Reduces personnel cost by 70-80%.

2) Product Quality:

– Lowers defective product rate by 20-30%.

3) Energy Consumption:

– Reduces overall energy consumption by 10-15%.

4) Production Efficiency:

– Increases overall production efficiency by 20-30%.
– Enables 24-hour continuous production.

Case Study

Yingkou Jinlong Group’s 5G Intelligent Factory for Magnesia Carbon Bricks – Annual Production of 80,000 Tons

Technical Advantages

The intelligent factory integrates hydraulic press robotic stacking units, electric screw press robotic stacking units (including automatic inspection, weighing, coding, cleaning, and robotic stacking), AGV intelligent transport, 3D vision intelligent inspection, robotic automatic destacking, automatic packaging, and more. It also features the industry’s first fully digitalized control room system.

This system displays, stores, and downloads production, equipment, and personnel data across the entire production line. It integrates with the customer’s MES system, offering 24/7 real-time monitoring of production and equipment conditions, achieving true data-driven and intelligent production.

DBM’s Technological Expertise:

DBM has accumulated extensive experience in machine vision, industrial automation, and industrial big data, obtaining numerous patents and software copyrights. Through technological innovation and efficient service, we help you achieve green, intelligent production of refractory products like magnesia carbon bricks, slide plates, fired bricks, and dry materials in a short period.

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