Intelligent Measuring Instruments in Steel Rolling Automation: New Perspectives on Monitoring, Control and Optimization

Steel rolling is a process in which steel billets are processed into required specifications and shapes through a continuous rolling process. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of steel rolling automation equipment is becoming more and more widespread, which has greatly improved production efficiency and product quality, and intelligent instruments are indispensable equipment for every steel rolling mill.



Steel rolling automation equipment has the following main functions and advantages:


1. Automatic control

Through the computer control system, automatic control of all aspects of the steel rolling process is realized, reducing interference and errors in human operations.

2. Monitoring and adjustment

The position, shape, temperature and other parameters of the steel billet are monitored in real-time through sensors, and the operating parameters of the rolling mill are automatically adjusted according to the set specifications and requirements to ensure product quality and dimensional stability.

3. Data recording and analysis

Automated equipment can record and store various data during the steel rolling process, such as rolling mill operating parameters, steel size, temperature, etc., to facilitate subsequent data analysis and quality control.

4. Fault diagnosis and alarm:

Automation equipment can detect the operating status of the equipment in real-time through the monitoring system. Once an abnormality is discovered, it will automatically alarm and provide fault diagnosis information to facilitate timely troubleshooting and reduce downtime.

It can be said that many of the automated steel rolling production is inseparable from intelligent online measuring instruments. Only through real-time detection of data can various situations be understood, so that the production line can be automatically controlled or manually adjusted to achieve automated production.


In steel rolling automation, commonly used measuring instruments are:


steel rolling automation


1) Temperature measuring instrument

Used to measure the temperature during the steel rolling process, such as rolling stock temperature, rolling mill bearing temperature, etc.

2) Pressure measuring instrument

Used to measure the pressure during steel rolling, such as rolling pressure, tension, etc.

3) Flow meter

Used to measure flow during steel rolling, such as cooling water flow, hydraulic oil flow, etc.

4) Position measuring instrument

It is used to measure the position of equipment during the steel rolling process, such as the position of the rolling mill, the position of the roll, etc.

5) Speed measuring instrument

It is used to measure the speed of equipment during the steel rolling process, such as the rolling speed of the rolling mill, the conveying speed of the conveyor line, etc.

6) Force measuring instrument

Used to measure forces during steel rolling, such as rolling force, tension, etc.

7) Photoelectric measuring instrument

Used to detect the outer diameter, ovality, width, thickness, length and other dimensional parameters of rolled parts.

These measuring instruments provide data support for the automated control system by real-time monitoring and feedback of various parameters during the steel rolling process, thereby achieving precise control and optimization of the steel rolling process.

In addition, by integrating different types of sensor information into the same control system, all-around monitoring and control of the steel rolling process can be achieved, improving production efficiency and product quality. The data industrial data collection and analysis platform was developed for this purpose. It has a variety of interfaces and can collect information from multiple sensors at the same time, conduct summary analysis, and provide engineers with professional visual production line conditions.

Currently, online diameter gauges, width gauges, thickness gauges, length gauges, straightness gauges, and industrial data analysis and collection software can all be customized to provide professional customization for geometric dimension measurement and industrial data collection and analysis in steel rolling production. solution.

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