Intelligent measuring instruments for geometric dimensions commonly used in steel plants

Intelligent measuring instruments can provide quality assurance for steel rolling production. They can be applied to steel rolling sites, can withstand the high-temperature test of about 1300°C, and can perform intelligent analysis of detection information. They play an important role in steel rolling production. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality.

Intelligent measuring instruments have brought many changes to steel rolling production. All real-time values can be seen at a glance, various required charts can be drawn, non-conforming products can be found in time, and historical data can be stored viewed and exported, making it easy to find periodic defects and reducing the time required to change specifications. The number of trials and errors in rough rolling, etc. In short, the use of intelligent measuring instruments makes steel rolling production more intelligent.


Intelligent measuring instruments, steel product measurement


Online diameter measurement instrument

Commonly used testing equipment for round steel, it can fit the cross-section diagram to intuitively understand the cross-sectional shape of each part of the steel, and obtain the outer diameter size and ovality in multiple directions. Whether it is high wire, round steel, steel rods, steel pipes, steel bars (plain round steel bars and ribbed steel bars), etc., it can be detected.


Rebar online diameter gauge

Although the instrument introduced above can complete online inspection of rebar, an anchor/rebar calliper based on machine vision has been developed specifically for this type of steel, which can obtain the base circle section, transverse rib height, and Characteristic dimensions such as longitudinal rib height; inner and outer diameters of anchor steel, diagonal dimensions of anchor steel, pitch, relative offset dimensions of transverse ribs on both sides, etc. Its advantage is also that it can obtain clear pictures of the steel and visually observe the current shape of the ribbed steel bars.


Straightness measuring instrument

It is used to detect the outer diameter, straightness and ovality of round steel. It is different from the traditional manual measurement method. It can be tested online and installed in front of the straightening machine to detect whether the steel needs to be straightened. It is installed after the straightening machine, checks whether the straightened steel is qualified. Of course, according to the needs, it can be installed at any production line location that is required and has the installation conditions.


Side length measuring instrument

It is mainly used to detect the two-side length values of steel materials such as square steel, angle steel, and square tubes. It can detect whether the side lengths are equilateral or unequal, and the diagonal size can be obtained by measurement and calculation.


Online width measuring instrument

The commonly used width-measuring instrument is the photoelectric method. In addition, the width measuring instrument using the machine vision method and the laser method can be customized. It can be adapted to the width detection of various plate products. It can be customized without limiting the width range. It can be customized by automatically moving the measuring head. method to complete the change of width measurement range.


Intelligent thickness gauge

The commonly used one is the laser thickness gauge, which can perform multi-point thickness measurement or scanning thickness measurement. It is a non-contact detection and will not lose accuracy due to wear. It is especially suitable for measuring objects moving on the production line. In addition, there are radiographic thickness gauges for thin plate inspection and photoelectric thickness gauges for inspection of plates with small inclinations.


Intelligent length measuring instrument

The machine vision method is used for length and dimension inspection, and the photos taken by the industrial camera can be seen through its software system. Intuitive and clear. The detection data can be transmitted to the shearing equipment in real-time to assist in the completion of high-quality production.



The profilometer is a multi-purpose measuring instrument that can detect contours, surface defects, and geometric dimensions. It is also one of the few devices on the market that can be used to detect steel surface defects. Defect location, defect size setting, defect type and geometric size detection can be realized, such as scratches, cracks, bulges, ears, missing ribs, missing ribs, peeling, roll marks, etc. can be detected.


Custom measuring instrument

According to the testing needs of the steel mill, professional measuring equipment is customized using various sensors.

Applicable to both hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, non-contact detection, intelligent multi-data display analysis and data storage are an important basis for steel plant staff to understand the details of steel rolling. Due to space limitations, this article gives a brief introduction to the intelligent measuring instruments used in steel plants. If you need more details, please feel free to contact us.

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