Intelligent manufacturing supports high-quality development of nonferrous metals industry

Smart factory construction opens a new chapter in high-quality development of copper smelting

Currently, the nonferrous metals industry is entering a stage of transformation and high-quality development. The comprehensive promotion of digital transformation by nonferrous metals enterprises is a “required course” to break down barriers to industrial transformation and promote high-quality development. It is also the only way for enterprises to improve quality and efficiency. Therefore, in recent years, many copper companies have accelerated the construction of “smart factories” and opened a new chapter in the high-quality development of copper smelting.

Taking Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group as an example, the total investment in the copper smelting smart factory construction project is estimated to be 387 million yuan, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

During the construction of the project, the results were remarkable. First, the online component detection system enabled real-time analysis, thereby laying the foundation for data empowerment for optimizing and improving the working conditions of the flash furnace. The production efficiency of the flash furnace has steadily increased to more than 165t/h, which is 27% higher than the design, and the production capacity has reached 250,000 tons; the slag ferrosilicon ratio has been initially mentioned at 1.41, and the proportion of low-quality materials entering the furnace has increased from 15% to 25%.

Second, based on the automatic endpoint judgment and online optimization system, the converter production efficiency and lifespan have been significantly improved. By optimizing the ingredients, the amount of intermediate materials was reduced, and the occupied funds were reduced by 169 million yuan.


composition analyzer, nonferrous metal industry


The development goals of intelligent manufacturing in the non-ferrous metal industry have put forward higher requirements for the rapid detection of materials, products and intermediate components in the production process. The composition of copper concentrate, matte, and slag is one of the core parameters in the smelting process control of the smelting workshop. The real-time and accuracy of sample detection are closely related to the control of the smelting process.

The intelligent online detection system has been installed and put into use in Baiyin Nonferrous Group’s flash furnace, and the long-standing problem of delayed component detection has now been completely solved. In the implementation of the copper smelting smart factory project, the smelting workshop accelerated the construction of matte and slag melt composition detection systems, the flash furnace outlet flue gas composition online detection system, and put into operation copper concentrate composition intelligent sensing equipment to automate the flash furnace system. and the level of intelligence has reached a new level.


Smart equipment accurately senses ingredients in the smelting process

Precise sensing is the basis for intelligence in the nonferrous metal industry, which can optimize production processes, reduce energy consumption, and improve production efficiency and product quality. At present, in the nonferrous metal industry, conventional elemental composition detection technologies, such as spark direct reading spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy, etc., have high requirements for sample preparation, cumbersome operations, and poor real-time performance; DBM intelligent equipment is suitable for elements at industrial sites. Rapid composition analysis technology has the advantages of no need for sampling and preparation, one-click intelligent detection, green environmental protection and safety, etc. It is of great significance for improving the level of non-ferrous automation, reducing smelting energy consumption and optimizing the smelting process.

DBM intelligent products have been successively applied in leading enterprises in the nonferrous industry such as Tongling Nonferrous and Baiyin Nonferrous, and have been highly recognized and praised by industry users, accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of nonferrous enterprises, improving quality and efficiency. The main applications are as follows:

The DBM melt composition online analyzer can realize real-time composition detection of melt matte and slag, and the elements cover Cu, Fe, S, SiO2, CaO, Pb, Zn, Bi, As, Sb, etc. The online detection data guides the optimization of production process model parameters, which not only ensures the stability and optimization of the smelting production process but also improves the efficiency of process connection. The use of online component analyzers has significantly increased the proportion of low-grade materials used and reduced energy consumption.

The DBM raw material composition online analyzer is installed above the copper concentrate conveyor belt in the smelting workshop. It can detect Cu, Fe, S, SiO2, Pb, Zn, Ca and other components in the concentrate before entering the furnace at regular intervals and at high frequency. The equipment is based on the online The detection data can provide feedback to guide the optimization of ingredients and the optimization of smelting process parameters. The use of online component analyzers provides strong support for the construction of intelligent batching and intelligent smelting.

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