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About DBM

  • Dalian BaoSteel Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd. is affiliated with LMM Group, established in 2007.
  • R&D patents, ISO9001 certification.
  • A high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, and import and export of intelligent equipment.
  • DBM is a high-tech company with machine vision as its core. It has become one of the companies with comprehensive technical capabilities and wide application fields in machine vision + artificial intelligence + industrial robots. The company has profound accumulation in 2D, 3D vision and robot algorithms, and has complete delivery, training, after-sales and other service systems. The robots now have functions such as intelligent perception, intelligent cognition, independent decision-making, and automatic control execution. 

Typical Robot Products Display

We can customize complete and advanced industry robot solutions for users.

Forging Robot

Forging And Stamping Robot

Due to high temperature, dust pollution, and noise, the forging workshop has become one of the harsher production environments today. The application of six-axis robots can complete work processes such as blank grabbing, forging parts turning, and workpiece reordering according to procedures. After robots replace labor, working conditions can be improved, personal safety can be ensured, labor saving can be reduced, production efficiency can be improved, and safety risks can be reduced.

Welding robot application solution

An industrial robot engaged in welding (including cutting and spraying). It replaces labors and can reach the level of advanced welders. It is a low-cost solution with high precision, fast speed, and low spatter. It can adapt to extremely harsh industrial application environments. Its application of multi-modal vision technology can guide welding seam tracking and welding quality inspection, which are superior to manual welding.

ARC welding robot

Assembly, handling and palletizing robot

The assembly, handling, and palletizing robot workstation is an industrial robot engaged in assembly, depalletizing, and palletizing. By replacing repetitive labors, it a low-cost solution with high precision and speed. It can adapt to extremely harsh industrial application environments. Utilization of vision and laser radar technology can guide tracking, realize unattended operation of the entire system, and enable complete automated connections.

inspection Robot

Industrial Inspection Robot

It has the characteristics of uninterrupted, high frequency and strong environmental adaptability. It can avoid the safety risks of operation and maintenance personnel, be more efficient, more comprehensive, safer and smarter. It can be used in distribution rooms, substations, under heating furnaces, coke oven basements, iron front gas cabinet, belts, cable ducts, etc.

Industrial plant automation

Automated fabrication is an upgrade for more efficiency, more productivity, higher quality and safer production

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Focus on intelligent industrial production, and provide comprehensive solutions and services. We are a leading provider of intelligent machinery and equipment.

The backbone team of the company has more than 30 years of experience in the design, use, maintenance, manufacture and sales of intelligent equipment, relying on the parent company LMM group and R&D centre, we‘ve built a complete industrial chain.

We have successfully implemented more than 300 projects in several industrial plants in China and other countries, delivering remarkable results and customer satisfaction.

We have a complete technical support and after-sales service system, providing guarantees from various aspects such as equipment installation, use guidance, and post-maintenance

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