How can intelligent measuring instruments improve the economic benefits of steel companies?

The intelligent measuring instrument is an online intelligent testing instrument. It can be installed on the production line for continuous testing 24 hours a day. It has an intelligent analysis system and can obtain intuitive and detailed production information about the production line. At the same time, it brings more production advantages and economic benefits to the production line.


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1. Save time

When the intelligent measuring instrument is not installed, the rolling mill must “test a sample” every time the rolling mill changes product size or the product size is changed, that is, a steel billet must be rolled first and go through numerous processes. Measure the size by adjusting the industrial micrometre, then notify the rolling line operator to adjust the size, then roll the second billet, take samples again, and adjust again if necessary. Generally, three or more trial rollings are performed on the rolling mill. More time wasted. After installing the intelligent measuring instrument, the size of the rolled product can be displayed immediately. The operator can adjust the size of the rolled piece while the first rolling piece is being rolled. Usually, the finished rolled piece can be adjusted before the first billet is rolled. Complete the adjustment work, which saves time. At the same time, through online real-time measurement without manual sampling every time, the labour intensity of sampling workers is reduced.


2. Shorten the time for measuring finished products and improve the yield rate

During the steel rolling process, if a problem occurs and the dimensions of the rolled product are out of tolerance, the ideal situation is that the defective steel is detected by the adjuster in time. However, in fact, when it is discovered, there will be far more than one steel with quality problems. The use of intelligent measuring instruments can detect and display shape and size changes under various circumstances at any time. Once the finished product is scrapped due to equipment failure, the rolling mill can be stopped and inspected in time to avoid more defective products, which can greatly improve the yield rate. After adding a measuring instrument, the yield can be controlled at around 99.9% due to the timely detection and accurate measurement data of the measuring instrument.


3. Improve product quality and rolling mill working conditions

In addition to reducing trial rolling scrap and corresponding consumption during adjustment, the intelligent measuring instrument continuously and accurately measures the outer dimensions of each steel piece online during normal production. Once scrap or even a trend of scrap is found, it can immediately alarm. Through timely adjustments, waste products of various sizes and shapes and corresponding consumption can be reduced.


4. Improve stability

Intelligent measuring instruments can set the allowable tolerance range according to production needs. It will be more beneficial to on-site process control during high-precision rolling. Ensure that the qualification rate of high-precision products continues to increase. Since the intelligent measuring instrument can dynamically display the actual dimensional changes of the steel during hot rolling, with the accumulation of experience, the intelligent measuring instrument can be used to judge the status of the rolling mill equipment and make timely maintenance and adjustments to ensure stable operation. At the same time, production accidents are reduced and output is increased.

5. Improve quality

Intelligent measuring instruments are used for automatic detection in high-speed steel production lines. The data measured by our factory’s online intelligent measuring instruments are consistent with the actual manual measurement data, with high credibility and reliability. After the intelligent measuring instrument was put into production, the comprehensive qualification rate of steel products increased significantly. It has a strong guiding role in improving the quality of steel products.

6. Reduce quality accidents and reduce quality losses

After the online intelligent measuring instrument is put into production, it can truly function as an electronic eye to monitor in real-time whether the outer dimensions of the wire rod meet the requirements. If the size of the steel does not meet the requirements, the online intelligent measuring instrument system can remind the operator to deal with it in time through audible and visual alarms. Generally, up to three rolls of waste will be caused, which will greatly reduce quality accidents and reduce quality losses.


7. Conducive to product market competition and enhance corporate image

Steel products win the market in the fierce market competition, which is not only reflected in the cost advantage but also reflected in the gold content of product technical quality. As the amount of deep processing of steel increases year by year, and the required technical quality of pipe deep processing products is high, and of course its added value is also high, how to develop this market has become a new way out for the steel industry. However, one of the conditions for deep processing of pipes is high-precision outer dimensions. Online intelligent measuring instruments can play a very good guiding role in this regard. When the outer dimensions of the products produced do not meet the requirements, the system will promptly remind the operator to make adjustments. The use of intelligent measuring instruments has increased the ratio of high-quality steel year by year, improved product structure, won the market, and improved corporate image.


8. Improve economic benefits

Intelligent measuring instruments can further improve the economic benefits of steel plants. After using the calliper, the manufacturer only needs to pay the electricity bill generated during the working process of the visual inspection equipment without having to pay more employees’ salaries. The staff only need to set parameters and routine maintenance can ensure measurement. The operation of the instrument; reduce the cost of waste caused by samples; reduce the cost of waste of scrap production caused by untimely detection of unqualified products during rolling; improve the production of high-quality steel, thereby winning the market for manufacturers.

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