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Laser Doppler length and speed measurement system

improve production efficiency and product quality

In related industrial automation production, precise length measurement and precise speed measurement and control are necessary to optimize the production process.

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laser velocimeter Industrial application

doppler velocimeter

Metallurgical industry

1. ZK-D-SC/H/L series is suitable for the manufacture of various metal products such as bars, tubes, wires, plates, strips, hot rolling, cold rolling, etc., real-time online accurate measurement of speed and length, And can measure 1000 ℃ high-temperature billet.

2. ZK-D-SL1500, dedicated to the continuous casting production line, can measure 1000 ℃ high-temperature steel billet, adapt to lower speed measurement, and adopts automatic light intensity gain function for the surface of iron oxide scale, the measurement accuracy can reach ±0.1%.

laser surface velocimeter, Cable industry

Cable and other industry

ZK-D/S-W300 measures cables of various outer diameters and shapes, including stranded wires, crimped wires, etc., the measurement accuracy can reach within 0.03%, and the minimum diameter of 0.25mm optical fiber can be measured.

The laser velocimeter is also uesed for length measurement of products such as textiles, films, paper, wood, construction materials, etc.

Rail transit field

1. ZK-D-RT500-NS can realize speed measurement in the range of 0-160km/h, and the minimum speed measurement can reach 0; it is suitable for speed measurement and positioning of low-speed rail trains such as subways and urban rails.

2. ZK-D-RT500-HS can realize speed measurement in the range of 0-400 kilometres, and the minimum speed measurement can reach 0; it is suitable for high-speed speed measurement and positioning such as high-speed trains.

3. ZK-D-RT500-SS can realize speed measurement in the range of 0-1100 kilometres, and the minimum speed measurement can reach 0; it is suitable for speed measurement and positioning of ultra-high-speed maglev trains.

Why choose our laser doppler velocimeter

Due to the “non-contact” measurement characteristics of the laser Doppler speed and length measurement system, there is no wear and tear, which can not only minimize the maintenance cost of the production line, but also significantly improve the reliability of the production line, improve production efficiency and product quality, and greatly reduce manufacturing cost

technical features

1. Adopt an all-fibre solution, miniaturization

2. Using high-precision high-speed AD sampling, high-speed FPGA solution, high precision, low noise;

3. Use an infrared 1550 nm band light source that is safe for human eyes;

4. Direction automatic detection can measure “0” speed

5. Accurate measurement on almost any surface

6. Anti-electromagnetic interference, stable and reliable

Pulse-triggered camera vision defect recognition

No matter how the speed changes, it will ensure that a clear image of the surface of the object to be measured is collected in equal proportions. achieve defect identification.

Speed and position information are provided

Accurately give precise speed and position information, and can edit text patterns, logo marks, QR codes, etc., with high precision and uniform processing effect.

Instantaneous speed measurement

Ultra-fast sampling frequency, 50,000 times/second. The instantaneous velocity of a high-speed moving object with a length of only a few centimeters can be measured in a very short time.

Elongation velocity difference measurement

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