Customer visit – Q&A about billet marking machine

On March 14, 2024, customers came to China to visit our factory

The purpose of the customer’s trip was to conduct an on-site inspection of our billet laser marking machines, ask questions based on their own on-site conditions, and discuss some demand points.

Currently, a billet marking machine is being debugged in the equipment manufacturing workshop and is to be installed in other steel plants in April, so we demonstrated laser engraving and QR code engraving to customers on-site.


Customers raised the following questions regarding the on-site demonstration:


Q: The customer needs to engrave code on the hot steel billet at the site because it is a steel billet that has just been continuously cast. After engraving, the surface of the billet will oxidize and peel off due to the temperature drop, thus affecting the engraving effect. How to solve the problem?

A: Our solution is to add a phosphorus removal system. Currently, there are two types of phosphorus removal systems: water phosphorus removal and mechanical phosphorus removal. Because the brush heads used for phosphorus removal in mechanical phosphorus removal are wearing parts, in order to prevent customers from needing to replace them frequently and affecting work efficiency, a water phosphorus removal solution is proposed. We also provide videos of on-site water phosphorus removal at steel plants and send them to customers.


Q: Regarding the material used in the billet marking equipment, which is aluminium wire, the customer asked whether the white primer that needs to be sprayed before laser engraving also contains the same material.

A: The primer that needs to be sprayed during laser engraving does not contain aluminium wire, and the primer formula factory will provide it to customers free of charge after delivery. Customers do not need to purchase it domestically. The primer can be prepared on-site according to the formula provided.


Q: Customer feedback that currently, there is a local marking machine that strikes the surface of the steel billet with a striker to form marks.

A: This type of equipment has been phased out because its parts are easily damaged.


Q: What the engraving speed is?

A: If the customer needs to engrave characters within 30*40mm, then 4 characters can be engraved in 1 second, and with spraying primer it will be faster.


Q: The current on-site demonstration is that the billet does not move and the machine moves to the designated position for engraving. According to the customer’s on-site needs, we control the machine and mark the billet while it is moving. How to achieve this?

A: It can be achieved through a robotic arm.


Q: Are the equipment we use to assemble this machine outsourced?

A: We produce it ourselves.


Q: What is the power of the laser beam?



Q: The customer learned that our equipment needs to replace a few wearing parts such as the lens after 2 years. How to replace the parts?

A: After customers purchase parts from us, we will video teach them how to replace and use them.


Q: Are there any restrictions on the maximum and minimum sizes of steel billets?

A: The minimum we can mark is 100*100 steel billets, and the maximum is no limit; the range of 450mm (900*900) above and below the laser probe is the range that can be marked.


Q: The customer finally asked questions about identification.

A: We took out the recognition camera on site for demonstration. There are two types of QR codes printed by the billet marking machine. One is a code that can only be scanned for specific equipment, and the other is a universal QR code. We reprint the universal QR code on the billet. Let the customer use local software to scan the QR code, and the scan is successful.

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