Continuous casting intelligent billet loading system

Intelligent continuous casting is the development trend of steelmaking technology. The intelligent control of the continuous casting back area is the main component of intelligent continuous casting. The continuous casting back area control refers to the control after the cutting is completed to generate the steel billet, which involves various independent subsystems control: such as billet sizing system, billet cutting system, post-cut roller control, conveyor roller control, billet discharge roller control, billet marking system, weighing system, steel moving machine, steel fishing machine, steel turning machine, steel pushing machine, steel separator, steel lifting machine, cooling bed, off-line collection rack, hot conveyor roller table, etc., are complex to operate and prone to accidents, especially when the number of flows is large, so the intelligent control of the post-continuous casting area is extremely important.

At present, most steel mills adopt simple automatic billet loading control, install sensors at each control point, and perform logical control by detecting signals. This kind of control has great limitations: first, if there are many sensors, there will be many fault points. If there are few sensors, it will be difficult to control the entire process, resulting in unstable system operation. Secondly, simple control cannot save energy and reduce consumption. For example, rollers are generally turning, and consume energy and spare parts; in the end, intelligent control cannot be realized, and it is easy to cause blockage problems, requiring manual intervention.

As a result, DBM developed an intelligent control of a steel billet loader system, which realizes true intelligent control of the post-casting area.


Steel Mill, intelligent control of a steel billet loader


1. Realize centralized control in the back area of continuous casting


The intelligent billet loading system connects all subsystems in the back area of continuous casting in series. By installing detection sensors such as cameras, thermal imaging cameras, light inspection, thermal inspection, laser ranging, and Graeme line, the entire process is automated and controlled. Manual/automatic control is centralized, and through the combination of large-screen monitoring and automatic control, centralized control of the post-continuous casting area is achieved.


2. Intelligent control of a steel billet loader can achieve optimal conveying control


The intelligent billet discharging system adopts a process control algorithm and performs billet discharging control management according to a combination of four modes to achieve optimal conveying control. It can realize automatic billet stopping, intelligent billet processing, intelligent spraying, segmented control of each functional piece of equipment, intelligent scheduling function., etc.


3. Realize full-process monitoring and self-diagnosis


The intelligent billet unloading system can realize full-process monitoring. The billet enters the monitoring sequence from the beginning of cutting. The system will establish a billet growth history for each billet, including flow number, cutting specifications, spray number coding, whether to spray number, whether to weigh, Whether it is hot/cold delivery, etc., and the current location is displayed in real-time. Steel plants no longer rely on sensors, and their utilization rate and stability are greatly improved;

The billet growth history contains the codes of each position and the residence time at each position. Through this information, it can be judged whether the status of each processing unit is normal. The system itself can complete the diagnosis and form an intelligent closed-loop control. Track the status of the billet and the operating status of each functional equipment in real-time, and control it remotely against the surveillance camera;

After the diagnosis is completed, the operator can mark the abnormal sensor according to the alarm situation, and the system can automatically ignore the sensor and complete the remaining process control, truly achieving redundant control.

4. Implement sand table drills in the post-continuous casting area


The intelligent billet loading system can realize sand table drills in the post-continuous casting area. The system comes with a digital twin function, which can generate virtual steel billets for simulation control, and can configure operating parameters in real-time, such as flow number, roller length, roller speed, and pulling speed. , spray number position, spray number time, cutting time, billet moving time, cooling bed stepping time, etc. Deduces the maximum tolerable pulling speed for the steel plant, improves production capacity, and deduces whether each functional unit needs to improve efficiency and redundant processing procedures under fault conditions, etc., to truly realize sand table drills in the post-continuous casting area.

Benefits brought to steel mills

  • Centralize control, optimize positions, and reduce labour intensity;
  • Intelligent control, energy saving and consumption reduction;
  • Optimal control to reduce the risk of billet blocking;
  • Generate billet history and track billet quality;
  • Digital twin, sand table deduction, auxiliary production capacity improvement.

The above direct and indirect benefits brought to steel companies average more than 3 million yuan per year.

At present, the intelligent control of a steel billet loader system has been maturely applied to steel companies such as Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Wuhu Xinxing Cast Pipe, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Indonesia Dexin, Longteng and other steel companies, and the results have been unanimously recognized by customers.

The intelligent billet loading system truly achieves intelligent control and redundant control, which greatly improves the utilization rate of automated control in the post-continuous casting area. It can also be displayed intuitively, establishes a billet history, realizes intelligent segmented control, and achieves the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, the system has a self-diagnosis function and realizes intelligent closed-loop control. The system can also realize sand table drills in the back area of continuous casting. It is a great tool for equipment maintenance, process optimization, and production capacity improvement, and is also an indispensable part of intelligent continuous casting.

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