Cold rolling plant intelligent AI “industrial robot team”

In recent years, China’s cold rolling mills have established a relatively complete standard system by promoting the construction of “mechanization replacement and automation reduction” to promote the mechanization and automation of key processes and positions. This can not only improve production efficiency but also significantly improve safety production levels. In addition, by taking the lead in science and technology, we actively explore the use of artificial intelligence, machine vision, robotic arms, AGV cars, and bionic quadruped robots to create an “industrial robot team” to achieve unmanned and intelligent processes throughout the process, making production more intelligent and more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly.


1. Smart marking robot
2. All-weather intelligent inspection robot
3. Intelligent track inspection robot
4. Coding and labelling multifunctional robot
5. Steel coil end face three-dimensional quality inspection robot
6. Unmanned crane systems in the reservoir area


Smart marking robot:

It is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, multifunctional robot developed using cross-border thinking. It uses ordinary oil-based pens for marking. The cost of ordinary oil-based pens is low, and pen replacement is quick and convenient. Compared with the hundreds of thousands of yuan per year in consumables of traditional inkjet coding robots, it is close to zero. And because it uses markers, it is maintenance-free will not generate maintenance costs and has considerable economic and social benefits.


All-weather intelligent inspection robot

It comprehensively applies advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, comprehensive monitoring, and fault diagnosis to monitor the electrical indoor environment and equipment, personnel, and routes are autonomously inspected and charged around the clock, enabling remote real-time monitoring and image collection. The robot can also analyze and manage the collected equipment status data through the system, grasp the operation of electrical equipment in real-time, and perform data analysis and processing to achieve accurate detection and analysis of electrical equipment.


Intelligent track inspection robot

It can fully replace manual labour to achieve all-weather remote inspection, which can not only reduce the labour intensity of operation and maintenance personnel but also improve the efficiency of inspection work. It has a powerful video storage function, and the data will also be fully “clouded” to realize remote data monitoring. Real-time monitoring and alarming of equipment through the third-person perspective function, and pushing abnormal information to relevant personnel.


Coding and labelling multifunctional robot

It innovatively designs the integration of two functions inkjet printing and labelling. It can automatically adjust the robot movement path, achieve safe interlocking with the walking beam control system, automatically clean the nozzle, and complete label printing, peeling, sucking, and pasting at a speed of 1 character/second. After the robot is put into use, it will greatly improve the brand image of cold-rolled products and the intelligence level of the cold-rolling plant, minimize the labour intensity of operators, reduce manual operating errors, increase the safety of operations, and achieve the optimal allocation of human resources.


Steel coil end face three-dimensional quality inspection robot

Intelligent detection of common defects such as edge cracks, overflows, edge damage, and scratches. Intelligent detection of the diameter and width of steel coil

Unmanned crane systems in the reservoir area

For such simple and repetitive operations, it is necessary to realize remote control through transformation, and liberate personnel from harsh environments, which is safe, and at the same time facilitates centralized and unified management, which can optimize the personnel structure.


Cold rolling mill, crane control system


Automatic strapping robot:

The automatic strapping robot development and application project is an intelligent integrated system that fully integrates artificial intelligence, industrial control, sensing technology, engineering machinery and other technologies.
It can automatically remove the straps and pack the straps for collection. It has a high success rate, strong stability, safety and reliability. It replaces the traditional manual work and effectively avoids the surface quality problems of the steel coils caused by manual shearing of the straps and the employee being injured. It eliminates potential safety risks of strapping cuts; at the same time, it makes the production rhythm of the entrance section of the acid rolling unit more compact and improves production efficiency.


AI cloud-eyed robot:

It is an inspection robot used in the electrical room of automated rolling mills. The entire inspection process is completed “in one go”, realizing “machine replacement” zero-contact and high-efficiency inspections, greatly improving the level of standardized operations, and effectively reducing the labour intensity and labour intensity of operation and maintenance personnel. operation and maintenance costs, and improve the automation and intelligence level of inspection operations and management.

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