AI solutions for the steel industry

AI Equipment For Billet / slab Production

Laser marking machine

Billet / Slab Laser Marking Machine

Specially designed for the high operating rate and harsh environmental conditions of steel mills. The marking machine produces traces by melting metal at high temperatures and high speeds with the laser to form the required characters. Customers can also choose to use high-temperature paint, aluminium wire, or laser coding.

Vision-Based Heating Furnace Billet Transfer System

In order to solve the problem of automatic loading of the heating furnace, we have developed a heating furnace feeding system based on image recognition and positioning technology. This Billet Transfer System has the functions of material discharge, automatic material extrusion, bending billet recognition and alarm, and automatic material turning.

Hot Billet conveyor
Slab number identification and square off detection system

Slab number identification and stripping detection system

The system can automatically identify the slab number and stripping condition. When the billet loading passes the photoelectric detection position, the camera is triggered to automatically take pictures, and the system automatically detects and recognizes the collected pictures through algorithms. If the standards are not met, an alarm will be issued immediately.

Online slab length, width and thickness measurement system

The online slab length and width measurement system uses a non-contact measurement of the slab to be processed online to achieve the purpose of accurately measuring the length, width and thickness of the slab and transmits the measured data to the computer system used for production control, with high measurement accuracy (up to millimetre level).

Combined measuring instrument for width and thickness
Laser Doppler Velocimeter

Laser Doppler Speed And Length Measurement System

The system can measure 1000 ℃ high-temperature billet. Installed on the side of the roller table, it can detect the speed and length of online billets to avoid the correction rate caused by short-length billets and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

Cast billet (round steel) quality and length detection system

The system can detect the length, curvature and surface quality of the slab. Detection running speed: 0~20 m/s. Identify common defects such as cracks, folds, scratches, peeling, pits, and indentations to determine whether they are defects.

The detection rate is ≥94, the recognition rate is ≥84, and the detection temperature is 100~1100℃.

industrial automation and robotics

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