Bar surface defect detection machines

1. Bar profiler for all-round detection and location of defects


The bar profilometer is a non-contact testing equipment that can be used to test bars of various materials. There are three main types of testing data, geometric dimensional information such as outer diameter, ovality; and contour; surface defects such as errors rollers, ears, scratches, cracks, bumps, dents, etc.


Bar, profiler, Bar surface defect detection


It should be known that during the production process of bars, the location where surface defects occur is not fixed. Surface defects may occur on any side or at any position. This means that the measuring instrument needs to take into account all aspects.

The profiler is equipped with 4 line laser sensors. The 4 sensors are arranged in pairs at an angle of 45° to the horizontal plane. The contours scanned by the 4 sensors can be spliced into the complete outer contour point cloud data and graphics of the product under test. This allows bar defects to be detected on every facet.

Now that all azimuth information of the same cross-section has been detected, the next step is to measure different positions. As an online detection device, the profiler uses high-frequency measurement mode and 4000Hz detection in order to detect all positions of the entire rolled material. frequency, allowing it to adapt to production lines of various speeds and reduce missed detection of defects.


Defect location


For locating defects on the surface of rolled materials, the profiler uses a local balance algorithm independently developed by the company to compare a detected point with a local area. When the depth difference exceeds a given threshold, it is calibrated as a defect point. Then the eight-connected algorithm is used to calculate, segment, and label the blocks to finally determine the size, location, quantity and other parameters of defects detected in the rolled material during the measured time, and make corresponding marks on the contour graphics.

The profiler has a large amount of detection data and a wide range of applications. It can detect defect information of 0.5mm and above and is suitable for online detection of various long materials.


Bar surface defect detection


2. Bar diameter gauge detects the outer diameter and surface defects of round steel


As countries around the world pursue efficient automation, how to reduce raw material consumption, increase yield rate, and keep up with the pace of automated rapid production has become one of the hot topics in steel rolling.

The bar diameter gauge is a precision instrument developed for automated rapid round steel production. It can keep up with the high-speed rolling of 120m/s and overcome various environmental influences to achieve high-precision measurement of outer diameter, ovality and basic surface defects. Function, successfully monitor the quality of bars in round steel production, make timely improvements, and make outstanding contributions to improving efficiency and quality.

To improve the efficiency of round steel production, through the photoelectric measurement principle, all-cast iron structure, various technical research and development and manufacturing processes, its overall performance is greatly improved, so that the bar diameter gauge can better serve the round steel rolling.

The bar diameter gauge has the advantages of a wide measurement range, high measurement accuracy, high measurement frequency, analysis chart display, external database connection, and a good degree of automated measurement. It is more suitable for hot-rolled and cold-rolled round steel with high temperature, high speed, and harsh environments. production site.

This instrument is a high-quality outer diameter testing equipment controlled by an industrial computer. It can work under harsh conditions and has strong stability and high measurement accuracy. It is currently a very mature round steel outer diameter testing equipment. Nowadays, various steel rolling mills have introduced bar diameter gauges as monitoring equipment, which is very useful in detecting the outer diameter and observing the cross-sectional profile.

It uses a dedicated software system, industrial computer calculation, and computer display. The interface can be used to set various parameters, display measurement data, display analysis charts, store historical data, etc. You can understand the production status in detail through the software system. This interface is intuitive and easy to operate, and various menus are clear at a glance.

The use of bar diameter gauges makes quality monitoring simpler and faster. It is very suitable for large-scale manufacturers and can measure the outer diameter of various specifications of round steel in production. It has high precision, fast speed, automation and intelligence. , image display, digital display, defect analysis, cold size, etc.



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