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Who we are

About DBM

  • Dalian BaoSteel Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd. is affiliated with LMM Group which was established in 2007.
  • 10+ patents, ISO9001 certification.
  • 16 R&D personnel (including 2 doctors and 3 masters).
  • A high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, and import and export of metallurgical intelligent equipment.
  • With machine vision as the core, we can provide vision-based robot workstations in metallurgical and other industrial processes, unmanned factories, visual inspections, intelligent inspections, unmanned crane and other equipment research and development, manufacturing and process improvement services.

Intelligent equipment improves steel plant safety

Rebar online automatic counting & separation system

Uses machine vision for target recognition, and release worker from harsh working environment. The counting accuracy as high as 0.02%. The system could work 24 hours/day continuously, Increase the productivity. And it can control the number/weight of every bundle, decrease the production cost.

Cooling bed sampling robot >>>

Completely replace manual sampling work to ensure the safety, reliability, accuracy and timeliness of sampling, and realize automatic sampling detection with double-head saw and meter weight meter.

Continuous casting Add casting powder system >>>

1. Long-term measurement error of casting powder addition ≤ 5%.
2. The normal operation rate of equipment is 98%.
3. The casting powder covers the liquid steel surface evenly, and there is no blind spot.
4. System operation stability: the failure rate is not higher than 1%.

Bundle wire hanging tag robot >>>

The robot completes the printing, picking and welding of 2 labels within 45S. Instead of manual labor to complete the marking work of high speed wire rod products in the environment of high temperature, dust and noise.

Laser Doppler speed measurement system >>>

Real-time online accurate measurement of speed and length, suitable for the manufacture of various metal products such as bars, pipes, wires, plates, strips, hot rolling, cold rolling, etc., and can measure billets at 1000°C high temperature.

laser marking machine for billet >>>

High temperature resistant cooling is designed for high operating rate and harsh environment on site; multiple detection and protection measures to improve production efficiency.

Online diameter gauge>>>

1. High precision (dynamic error <0.01mm), calibration-free 2. Fully digital high-frequency measurement system (as high as 2000Hz) 3. External database 4. Powerful defect detection capability 5. Industrial computer calculation 7. Easy maintenance

Bundle rebar online welding tag system >>>

Multi-functional intelligent system that integrates automatic weighing, positioning, data entry, printing and welding labels, specially developed for the bar production line of steel industry. Avoid potential safety hazards and human errors, and meet high-paced, high-intensity production needs.

steel plant automation

Automated steel fabrication is an upgrade for more efficiency, more productivity, higher quality and safer production

What will you get from automated steel mill?

Are you looking for a way to improve your steel production efficiency, quality and sustainability? Do you want to leverage the latest technologies such as AI, 5G, digitalization and networking to transform your traditional manufacturing processes? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Improve productivity, save cost, contribute to full automation

Works for 24 hours a day with high efficiency, automatic production saves labor and makes the production process more standardized

Increased customer satisfaction - Quality guarantee, low error rate

Intelligent equipment makes little error, and types of quality inspection system or equipment ensure high quality production for every production process

Ensure safety production

Replace workers from directly participating in highly hazardous, harsh environment production processes, which greatly improves safety and working environment.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Through the monitoring, analysis, and optimization of the production process, energy consumption, emissions, and waste can be reduced

Improve management efficiency and level

Through the collection, storage, analysis, and processing of production data, it can provide managers with valuable information and suggestions, help them make decisions, plan and evaluate

Our intelligent machinery and equipment can help you:

  • Reduce raw material input costs by more than 5%
  • Improve throughput at bottlenecks by more than 6%
  • Increase end-to-end product yields by more than 15%
  • Enhance safety and working conditions for your employees
  • Meet the environmental standards and regulations

We are your reliable partner

Focus on intelligent industrial production, and provide comprehensive solutions and services. We are a leading provider of intelligent machinery and equipment for steel plant automation.

The backbone team of the company has more than 30 years of experience in the design, use, maintenance, manufacture and sales of metallurgical equipment, relying on the parent company LMM group and R&D center, we‘ve build a complete industrial chain.


We have successfully implemented more than 300 projects in several steel plants in China and other countries, delivering remarkable results and customer satisfaction.

We have a complete technical support and after-sales service system, providing guarantees from various aspects such as equipment installation, use guidance, and post-maintenance

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Automatic Rebar Counting and Separation System Project sharing

Installation At SENTINAL Steel, September 2022
bar counter
Installation In Turkish KAPTAN, August 2022
bar counting machine
Installation In Saudi Arabia, December 2022
bar counter
Installation In South Africa, January 2019
Installation In Turkey, 2019
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