Application of steel coil tagging robots in various steel plants

The automatic steel coil tagging robot system can complete the labelling function of the end face of steel coils. Due to the fast export production speed, the manual labelling operation at the steel coil production site has a large workload, is prone to omissions and other problems, and has safety hazards. Robots replace manual labour to reduce the risk factor and improve the operation rate greatly. At present, many steel mills have put into operation the automatic steel coil tagging system for steel coils.

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In Wuhan Iron and Steel Cold Rolling Plant, the automatic steel coil tagging robot is labelling the steel coils leaving the factory


steel coil tagging


Since the first automatic tagging robot was put into operation in January 2019, the number of robots put into use in the plant has increased to 24 within two years, including automatic unbundling robots, automatic slag scooping robots, automatic sampling and moving robots, automatic coding robots and automatic steel coil tagging robots. They have realized the dismantling of steel coil straps, slag scooping and skimming in the zinc pot area, replacing manual sampling, moving test samples and classification at the tail of the unit, and marking and tagging the finished steel coils. Unlike the previous manual labelling operation, robot automatic tagging can be fully automated, with a tagging accuracy of 100%. One robot can replace 4 tagging workers, greatly improving production efficiency.

Shagang Cross Saddle Automatic Tagging and Tape Robot

The tape robot neatly sticks three tapes on the surface along the curved arc of the steel coil. At the same time, the tagging robot removes the label from the marking machine, scans and locates the size of the steel coil, marks it at the specified position according to the demand, and automatically scans the label content to verify the steel coil information. After confirming that the information matches, the steel coil is released. The action is done in one go and an orderly manner. These steel coil tape and tagging tasks that originally required operators to complete manually have been replaced by industrial robots.

Previously, manual tape sticking at the tail of the re-rolled steel coil was potentially dangerous to the operator, and the manual continuous operation time was long, making it difficult to achieve high-efficiency production in large quantities. After the robot “goes to work”, it effectively improves the safety factor of operators, avoids omissions and errors in manual transcription operations, and is fast, efficient, accurate and reliable. It further improves the production level of the workshop with high-efficiency and focused equipment automation operation. After the transformation, two tagging and tape operation positions can be reduced per shift, achieving a reduction in staff and increased efficiency.

The silicon steel workshop of Shagang Cold Rolling Plant focuses on building a full-process intelligent manufacturing production line. At present, it has basically formed a relatively complete information system from grassroots automation, process control system, manufacturing execution system, enterprise resource planning to decision support. Through information transmission between various systems, the whole production process is digitally controlled, and the “information islands” formed between different systems and different positions in the past are connected, realizing a “one-click order-based production organization”.

Intelligent steel coil tagging in Rare Earth Steel Plate Plant


metal coil tagging


Take the label off the labelling machine, scan and locate the size of the steel coil, label at the specified position as required, automatically scan the label content to verify the steel coil information, and release the steel coil after confirming that the information matches…

On the continuous annealing unit production line of today’s rare earth steel plate plant, these steel coil tagging tasks that originally required operators to complete manually have been replaced by industrial robots with motion axes. The introduction of the tagging robot for the continuous annealing unit can eliminate the waste of resources caused by manual tagging and can save 456,000 yuan in labour costs in labelling positions each year. The error rate of manual labelling is 0.5%, while the automatic tagging robot can realize the process from requesting steel coil information to receiving, printing and labelling to scanning and verifying steel coil information, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of manual labelling errors and achieve the accuracy of steel coil information transmission and labelling.

Relying on the high-level equipment of the production line and the relatively complete automation system, the rare earth steel plate factory has focused on the intelligent manufacturing project of labelling robots for the continuous annealing production line on the basis of digesting and consolidating the original hot rolling spraying robots. The development of intelligence will surely promote the improvement of labour efficiency and the essential level of safety, and inject a strong impetus into the company’s high-quality development.


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