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AI Equipment For Wire rod Production

labels for wire rod

Bundle Wire Tag Hanging Robot

The system realizes the function of automatic transmission, automatic printing and cutting, and automatic sorting of the signage data. The robot automatically takes the card and uses the sign hook to hang the sign on the baling line bundling the coil. It can ensure the reliability of the logo and save labourers from repetitive work in harsh environment

Laser Doppler Speed And Length Measurement System

Precise length and speed measurements and control are necessary to optimize the production process. Due to its “non-contact” measurement characteristics, there is no wear and tear, which can not only minimize the maintenance cost of the production line, but also significantly improve the reliability of the assembly line, improve production efficiency and product quality, ensure accurate product specifications, and greatly reduce production cost.

laser surface velocimeter, Cable industry
High Speed Wire Rod PF Line Hook Number Recognition System

High Speed Wire Rod PF Line Hook Number Recognition System

Automatically identify the hook number, realize weigh and automatically collect the hook number into the system, and in P/ F-chain column device hook number online automatic scanning collection equipment after the weighing body rises in place, the hook number is automatically scanned, and transmitted to the hook number column of the printing program page to realize automatic printing of signs.

straightness measuring, round steel rolling

Eight-Axis Intelligent Caliper

Online measurement of the diameter of wires at high and low-speed rolling lines

  • Product warehouse remote crane system
  • High-line roller-changing power-assisted robotic arm
  • Depalletizing and palletizing process control
  • Rolling online material type detection
Remote Crane, crane remote control systems
steel rod tagging, wire rod tagging, tagging robot

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