AI solutions for the steel industry

AI Equipment For Steel Bar / Rebar Production

bar counter, bar mill

AI based bar counting and separation system

Based on the target recognition, target tracking, and automatic separation technology of rod-shaped objects, combined with artificial intelligence deep learning technology, and organically combines non-contact machine vision technology and automatic intelligent control technology. It can achieve the function of accurately separating bars of any specification and setting any count.

Bundle Bar welding tag robot

The robot can complete automatic label marking and identification, automatic removal of welding nails, automatic taking labels, automatic identification of target positions, and optimization of welding position, thus achieving full automatic welding operation.

labeling robot
automatic bar production line, intelligent bar production, industrial robot

Cooling bed hot bar cutting and sampling robot

The finished product sampling robot for the bar/ wire plant is a highly automated and intelligent control system designed mainly to solve the problem of manual sampling in the bar/wire workshop. The system can completely replace manual sampling to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of sampling, and be used as an on-site sampling laboratory.

Bar Online Weight Per Meter Negative Difference measurement Device

This equipment monitors the data of base circle, rib, speed, and length of rebar running at high speed, and calculates the negative deviation of the material, thereby providing real-time data reference for the on-site production process.

For a bar factory with a capacity of 1 million tons, the negative balance increased by 0.2%, and the income increased by 2,000 tons x 3,500 yuan/ton = 7 million!

rebar unit weight, rebar weight per meter, rebar production
Automatic Cooling Bed

AI automatic chain bed

The intelligent flexible process control system of the steel rolling back-end platform realizes the qualitative change of machine vision from“inspection” to “control”. The production line realizes one automated flexible control on conveyor rollers, lifting baffles, rollers, and balers, and ultimately one full automation.

Steel Bar Multi-Lengths Flying Shear Precise Measurement And Control System

This system can accurately measure the length of rebar, and the measured data is used as a verification and detection method to participate in the control system. Optimizing the length of the tail steel of high-speed bars can effectively avoid steel stacking accidents, reduce the length of steel, and improve the yield rate.

laser doppler velocimeter ldv , LDV
laser profilometer

Intelligent Laser Profilometer (bar surface defect detection)

The DBM profiler can be applied to profiles of any cross-sectional shape, such as round, square, rebar, hexagonal, rail beam, T-shaped, H-shaped and other long products. At the same time, the full-coverage measurement method enables the equipment to perform qualitative and quantitative detection of defects such as folding, warping, pits, grooves, and lugs on the surface of the rolled material. The measurement software system fits the cross-sectional shape according to the measurement data of each sensor, and can visually display the cross-sectional shape and key dimensions of the rolled material on the software interface.

Vision-based roller ring inspection system

A special equipment designed by DBM for rolling lines. It adopts AI technology and 3D depth cameras to realize fully automatic roll ring inspection and life cycle management, and integrates each new roll ring or old one after grinding. The system can complete the functions of diameter identification, physical size monitoring, label coding, data recording, and classification. Combined with automatic loading and unloading by robots and a three-dimensional intelligent database,the required data can be clearly given during assembly, and the configuration of the roller ring can be optimized greatly.

Roll Rings Detection
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