A powerful tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency at Longgang Steel Rolling Plant – Bar Sampling Robot System

In July last year, the first robot bar sampling system was officially put into use for more than a year, and the operation has remained good, adding a powerful tool to reduce manpower and increase efficiency at Longgang Steel Rolling Plant. This sampling system can not only realize online robot sampling, automatic fixed length and meter weight measurement but also automatically feed back the real-time detected negative tolerance measurement data to the central control console and make online adjustments; it can effectively improve the negative tolerance index, reducing the production of rolling scrap and non-cut-to-length products; it can greatly reduce the labour intensity of Longgang personnel and improve the safety factor of the job.

During the bar rolling process, sampling and measuring the finished bar is crucial. However, the traditional manual sampling process is complex and time-consuming. Working in high temperatures and harsh environments poses safety risks to personnel. Moreover, manual sampling will also have an adverse impact on the authenticity, accuracy, and timeliness of the data. To reduce the accident rate of bar rolling sampling inspection and improve the bar yield rate, this robotic bar sampling system was developed.

This robotic bar sampling system can be guided by a visual module to grab samples on a high-temperature cooling bed and produce measurement samples through cooling, shearing and other processes, replacing manual operations to achieve unmanned operation and reduce safety accidents. (Manual sampling cost: Calculated based on the reduction of one person per shift, a total of 4 reductions in 4 shifts, annual cost savings of approximately: 120,000 yuan/person x 4 = 480,000 yuan)

At the same time, the negative tolerance measurement module of this robotic bar sampling system can control the negative tolerance within the specified range and reduce the scrap rate by measuring the meter weight data of the bar. At the same time, compared with manual measurement, the automatic measurement module can improve the measurement accuracy by 2 times. When the negative tolerance exceeds the standard, feedback can be given 30 to 40 seconds in advance, which improves the bar production yield, reduces the labour intensity of workers by 50%, and avoids safety accidents. , turning high-risk positions into supervisory positions, significantly improving the automation and intelligence level of the steel rolling mill.

The surface defect detection module in the robot’s bar sampling can accurately determine whether there are dents, cracks and other production quality problems on the surface of the bar, and can proactively avoid the production of bars with major quality defects. This will reduce scrap production by approximately 1,000 tons per year.

The profile size measurement module in this system can accurately measure bar surface dimensional data, such as inner diameter, transverse rib height, etc., to determine whether it meets national standards, which can improve the bar yield rate and steel mill efficiency.

At present, DBM is stepping up its use of technology to empower China’s steel industry and is committed to providing customers with cutting-edge product solutions, promoting the realization of intelligence, informatization and unmanned steel industry, and building a future smart factory with “one-click” production.


The video shows the robot grabbing the bars on the bar production line and sending them for inspection.


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